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Not me Monday for June 28, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We are not ecstatic that we have reached 34 weeks with Gracie.  We are not happy that we will be meeting her soon and we are NOT ready for this!  Nope not us!  The Kids are not anxious while awaiting for her arrival either! I did not think that I needed to work against Murphy's Law and decide to pack my bag as well as Gracie's for the hospital "just in case" right before going in for my check up. I did not get it all packed 95% with a list of the other 5% to put in when running out the door.  It did not only take me 15 minutes to do what I have been contemplating doing for the last 3-4 weeks.

I did not wake up on Saturday thinking I had a Graduation party to attend; only to find out that the party was actually scheduled for Sunday.  Oh and I really honestly did not know I actually had a Grad party AND a Bridal Shower scheduled and already confirmed that I would be at AT THE SAME TIME.  Nope, did not do that at all! I mean I have pretty much cloned two of the three kids to be like me but I just would not feel comfortable sending one of them in my place!

We did not have some wonderful days with the kids helping with chores through the house and we did not decide to purchase something for them for the PS2.  We would never just let them play it pretty much all say on Saturday and let it drive us nuts either. I ALWAYS limit their time!

I did not go up to the local Historical Society Fundraiser - a Flea Market Day.  I did not have a good time, and did not talk with others in the area that I know.  Never bought a hot dog, candy for the kids, homemade soap powder for the washer, nor pick up an Avon book.  We did not run into my parents, and my dad was not just off work.  I could not be any happier when I was having troubles walking through all of the vendors and then having to leave before seeing my friends one last time before packing back into the van to come home.

Our 11 year old child was not stung by a bee while trying to climb in or out of our pool in the back yard.  She also did not come into the house screaming that she needed my help and that she was stung.  I did not have to pull a stinger out of her foot and it did not start to swell immediately.  We did not watch her breathing just to make sure that she was not allergic to the point she could not breathe, nor did we treat her with Benedryl and Motrin to cover all basis.  In the morning when she got up, it was still not swollen and she was not treated with another round of meds. 

Sunday was not full of fun and excitement.  I don't recall having gone over to the house after the grad was just born and no I don't feel very old seeing her after she just graduated from my Alma Mater.  I never enjoyed seeing anyone I have not seen in a long time.  Fireman DID NOT take my oldest out to teach him how to golf (the party was held at a golf course), and of course they did not enjoy themselves. While eating my father did not suggest that they start a pool as to when the baby would be born and he did not suggest that he thought if I made it to July 2-4 I would be lucky.  My kids were not on their best behavior and showed no signs of having a blast!  It was not almost 90 degrees and you could not feel all of the humidity in the air.  The sun was not out and Grandpa was not watching one of the ponds and trying to fish out a great big fish he found facinating with a fishing pole that he chose to bring along "for the drive". My girls did not follow Fireman and oldest boy around the golf course, coming back to report all of the balls they did not lose; which I was very impressed with the numbers.  I did not try to hide the laughter when one of my Uncles decided to seek revenge against my youngest daughter with a bottle of water and I did not think she would really take him seriously when he asked if she could swim.... in a lake and not a pool!  Oh and there was not one chin that dropped on anyone around what was happening.  I never laughed when she was standing next to me and I took another bottle and got her wet twice more, and she never even tried to think about opening her bottle to get me wet.  Uncle did not get a really serious look upon his face while she contemplated attempting to cool off mom and mom was in no way really wishing she would do it just to get her body to cool down a smidgen. 

Oh and by the way, we did not just "leave in time" so that we just got home before a nice storm rolled through the area. The baby was not kicking by the time I got settled into a cooler house than it was outside. I really think she hates hot weather!
We did not have to come home to look at DD's foot again- only to find that the swelling in her foot was twice the size as before and also extending up to her toes.  We did not have to treat it again with topical spray, a little bee swab, baking soda, Benedryl, motrin and off to bed.

Did I mention I am not having a problem sitting because the baby is THAT low?  Nope..... NOT ME!

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