Friday, October 8, 2010

13 weeks Yesterday- 3 months today!

Katelyn with Gracie playing with one of her toys. Gracie has learned how to touch the animals to get them to make sounds.
I live for these moments.  They are so very precious!  I thrive to see my children interact with one another.  Today- October 7, 2010 my littlest one is 3 months along.  She has come so far within such a small time period.  She has been trying to turn over from belly to back, rolling from side to side while on her belly, lifting her head and shoulders up, checking out her environment; she is so inquisitive about her home! Tonight we caught her attempting to get on her hands and knees and actually accomplished for a brief second. These are the moments that will never be again. 

It is almost like overnight I have went through "what do I do with this child to calm her down?" to being mystified as to how much she is doing and taking in.  It's like someone turned on a light.  She was so into checking out what was on the blanket design-wise to looking and playing with the toys.  She has already been scooting herself around on her blanket not really knowing or understanding how or why she did it, but now she seems to be doing it with purpose.

It feels like every day that Gracie does something new is like Christmas all over again!

Milestones. Markers. Etched in my mind and heart forever.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I now know how the indians felt when the settlers came over...


At first the Indians were probably excited to meet the new settlers... AT FIRST.. then when they were established into the area (house in my era) I find I know why they started beginning to despise them. SERIOUSLY!!!

My little settlers are led by the leader - a 12 week old that demands to have everything on her schedule! I mean she won't even smile if it's not on the schedule!

We have been working on "reprogramming" the settlers here in our "land"; They think they are smart. They think they can take the smallest task and turn it around on the Indians. WRONG.

They have been grounded to the "land" (AKA back yard, house) for some time period yet for Mama Indian to disclose. They have been informed that this time period could be 18,21, 35 - whatever age it takes for them to leave "said land". All three of the wanna be head Settlers have their own faults, and if I don't start taking control of the said faults then I the Chief, am going to lose said land just like the Indians lost it years ago when the settlers started taking over here in the America of long past.

So I have taken a break from cleaning up my "land" that these settlers take for granted and while sitting on the porch getting my thoughts together I have pretty much come up with this; there are too little Indians in this family and the settlers are over taken the land. This Mama and Daddy Indian needs to figure out how to keep up with all four little settlers that keep this household busy! We need the Indians to do like long ago- teach them how to survive on their own...

Chore lists are good, and partially working.. but it's up to Mama Indian to make sure they are done right! Yeah they were marked off... Yeah they half-assed attempted it... and yes I am guilty of accepting half-assed work.

I am not sure if I am getting my point across here, but I see it clearly in my head. The Indians LOST their LAND for the fact that the Settlers overcome them. I cannot let this happen here!!!!

Now for some NOT ME moments....

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have not felt guilty for not keeping up on my blog...

I did not walk out of the back door last night after looking around the living room an hour after I asked the kids to clean it up and say... "sure, that's okay.  I don't have to do what mom asks, she will do it for me" all the while Fireman was holding the baby and hear his comment of "oh now don't I feel small?"

I am NOT going to get a box and pick up all of the kids items they were supposed to pick up last night and I am NOT going to store them in an unknown to them location until they can start doing what is asked of them...

I did not laugh when Katie started to change a diaper only to open it and find that sweet pea poohed...

and I DID NOT help her out when I stopped laughing.

I did not get to spend some time with each child as they baked two huge cookies and frosted them yesterday on the day of all days "homemade cookie day" (Thanks Jackie for that info!!!)

I am not sitting here drinking a coke and red bull mixture trying to get out of the madness of being left to clean up after my settlers in the mess they have left.

I did not cook a huge breakfast yesterday, then had leftover chili and homemade bread for dinner, while 2 of the settlers did not like chili and I essentially ended up cooking 3 dinners (1 was at least re-heated!)

I am not trying to figure out how anyone is supposed to rest while the baby is sleeping AND keep a clean house...

I am not also curious if these doctors who say you can never spoil a baby have children of their own? And by chance does anyone know what they specify as being spoiled?

I did not laugh to myself when my daughter got angry at me when I told her I would not let her off grounding until I see the 'tude changed for 2 weeks straight then shut and locked me out of the back door to the house...

Oh I can just imagine that I can come up with soooo many more of these not me's... However I will leave this up to your imagination with the above not me posting and the Indians Vs. Settler's rendition of my household!

I pray everything is well in your village...

Until next posting!!