Saturday, January 31, 2009

The metamorphasis of the girls bedroom

Okay, I totally forgot to take pictures of the room before.. but just imagine writing with marker on the ceiling and on the walls, dents from throwing things, and an eggshell white on the walls with black scuff marks here and there. Also, a burgandy scarf hanging over the window, actually making the room look darker.

I began last week with ceiling paint covering up all of the marker on the ceiling. The paint on the ceiling actually brightening up the room, especially with the burgandy scarf down.

With DH being off this weekend, it only seemed fitting that I would have enough time to get this done, I mean I have only had all of the stuff to get it done for about a year now~ including the border that I got for .50 cents each roll, for a grand total of 2.00. The paint I actually found on the mistint shelf and I believe I had maybe 15.00 into just the 3 gallon cans of paint. I had it pictured in my mind.... I just needed to get the motivation to get my tush moving and get it going.

This is probably the best photo of the color in the room. It is supposed to be a lavendar, chosen for a bedroom in the other place before moving here, and never was used, so after seeing the colors in the border I thought it may work well. I found the green and mixed it with Faux glaze, making the green a little more transparent and easier to work with while sponging it on the wall. Funny thing- While I was shaking the 1 gallon container the lid popped off and I had paint all over the kitchen.. Good thing it was in the kitchen and not over carpet! It cleaned up easily though. This is a photo of the lavendar before I began on the green sponge painting.

DD9 was given the opportunity to go through the room and put markings on the wall so I knew exactly how high I had to sponge the wall. I started sponge painting with a natural sponge, starting right next to the door and working counter clock wise through the room. Here is a photo taken by DD6 while I worked. Her job was to wipe off the wood work in the room after I painted near it. The paint fumes were nasty and working with all of the girls stuff in the middle of the room, Mr. Migraine started to visit. I got the room done within an hour and a half. Then the waiting game began. I had to wait for the walls to dry so I could put the border up.

Except for the room needing a really good de-cluttering session along with a really good cleaning the room is put together. I have some things that I need to put up on the walls, but I really don't want to put them up until the paint has really cured. I have a whiteboard/corkboard that I am going to paint the outside wood on and find some fabric over the cork that I will put over the dressers or in between the door and closet. I am looking for nylon butterflies that I can make a hanging doo dad to put on the hook in the corner of the room. I am also thinking about taking pink, purple and yellow and making a template to stimple onto the lavender tops on the walls. I will look for other ideas to bring it all together also. The curtain is green, however they have little opalescent pieces sewn into the fabric to glisten and they have butterflies and flowers sown into it. I am thinking about adding another panel to it just to cover over the window more. I had to replace the mini blind also, but I actually found one that would fit into the window opening, the only problem being the wood around the window was beveled and we had to cut wedges of wood to go in behind the hardware that holds the blind in place. I'll get a better photo of the border and actually show photos after the room is decluttered and cleaned tomorrow.

I am not really a good person to ask about color, so I am unsure if the colors actually go together, but my girls adore the room and I actually liked how the lavendar stands out in with the green sponge painting. I have found that the green is a popular color. I wanted something that would take the kids into the tween years, since DD 9 will be there shortly. We will see how long I can keep it.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please be kind to others- Remember to clean off your cars after a big snow!

Hi everyone! Well, I had to venture out today, and they are still trying to clean up the roads here. We got a lot of ice here and it's all built up on the streets. More importantly, it's built up on the cars.

I was not happy on my venture.

I am sure no one appreciates an accident. Not the persons/vehicles/loved ones. Please remember to clear all snow off your vehicle.

Today I almost plowed into two cars while out and about. I was just driving down the road, watching the vehicle in front of me. There was no warning that they had their brakes on. Wanna know why? Because that driver never thought about cleaning off the back of the car, more importantly the rear lights on the car. I really wish I were someone who could have done something about it rather than just slam on my brakes. Not good for my vehicle! It certainly would not have been good for the car in front of me either. Now what if I would have hit that car? I would have hit the car, the snow would have fell off and there would be no clue that the other car did not clear off the back of his car enough for me to tell he had his brake lights on.

I wonder how many times this happens? It would be an interesting study.

I also noticed how many cars that did not uncover the back window of the vehicles also. I really am more of a defensive driver and I absolutely hate having my window covered. I am always checking my mirrors. How are you supposed to back up with ice on your mirrors and back window?

I am only mentioning this to help others out. I don't mean to put anyone down, I just want to make sure you are all driving safe and sound. Please, for your sake as well as others, please clean off the vehicles!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did someone ask for more SNOW??

Yep, someone in this world asked for it... more snow! Yup, we got their request. I can't believe how much it's coming down. Sitting here and looking out the front windows, It reminds me of pillow fights where the pillows have been ripped apart and the feathers are lightly falling to the ground. I keep wondering when the feathers will actually rest and it will be headed out of our area. From the reports on the news, there are a ton of roads closed.. mostly up near the lake. I certainly hope that is the case because DH has to work tonight! By the photo you can slightly tell that he went out and shoveled the walk off, but there has to be 2-3 more inches out there since he did this and will be needing done again. Jeff said that it is a very heavy snow- nothing like the past snow falls. It finally turned to spitting the fluffier snow this morning about 8 AM. I watched the news last night in hopes that they closed schools early so we could sleep in, but it did not really help my cause. I woke this morning at 5:30 and came out to check, with the TV on and the school closings running through their alphabetical orders. There were so many! I ended up going to their website just to find out faster. As soon as I checked, saw that the school once again was closed due to the storm, I went to bed. I tossed and turned some, then ended up getting up again, only to find upon returning to my computer that if I would have waited 5 minutes and checked email I would have found an email from one of the new channels in the area telling the tale of our school closure.

I am happy to see that the school was closed. It's a nasty mess out there. DH got toned out for a call for the Fire Department and I have not heard from him. Thank goodness for 4X4, at least I know he's got a better chance than most. I am hoping he either returns soon or calls to let me know things are well.

The kids were not happy when I put my foot down and made them go out and feed the animals. Oh well, I guess we won't be sled riding anytime today! They complained about how cold it is and how we were so mean making them take care of THOSE animals.. Their animals for 4H. They reluctantly went out and did it, only to return back to the house with little red faces and hands.

The news is saying that it will soon be over- 4PM at the latest. DH made it home safe and sound, only to come in the house, ask for his gloves and cell phone to call work. He went out to start clearing the snow from the walk and drive now.

Now here's a little accomplishment for our 2 year old baby... the black stallion. He loves hanging out in the garage, but we bring him up into the house and we are trying to teach him "in house" manners. He adores the whole family, but you can tell that DH's his owner. He will listen really well to DH. he was very appreciative to having heat for a while. He got bored and started heading back to the garage. Before returning back to his domain he had to have a wrestling match with dad. This was actually about a week ago.

Well, if we are sharing the snow with you, best wishes for a safe and comfy home and don't go out unless you have to!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I know this is making my readers wonder "Why is this here?"
Please let me explain! I have a few friends online that I really feel this could be us. I could actually see us doing something like this if we did not have so many miles between us. I am grateful for my friends and the relationships that I have made with them. All I have to say to those I consider my friends.... Thank you for being there and making the best out of everything... the good, the bad, the ugly, the "oh Craps", and just for sitting and listening. You know who you all are!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The following is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip.
You don't have to actually answer the questions.

Just read straight through, and you'll get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant.

4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.

5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for
best actor and actress.

6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.?

How did you do?

The point is , none of us
remember the headliners of yesterday.

These are no second-rate achievers.

They are the best in their fields.

But the applause dies..

Awards tarnish.

Achievements are forgotten.

Accolades and certificates
are buried with their owners.?

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special!!

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

The lesson:

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials..

the most money...or the most awards.

They simply are the ones who care the most.

'Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia!'?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

BOLO: searching for Not me, other culprits: I did n't do it, don't ask me!

Okay your privileged... two blogs- 1 day!

Yes you read correctly, we are still searching for not me. We have also found evidence of I didn't do it and Don't ask me!. We found this last night, while getting book bags ready for school. My DD9 has been told time and again that the nintendo DS and the MP3 player are totally not allowed to go to school. Not only did I "NOT" find these items in her book bag, I also did "NOT" find a whole Tupperware container full of homemade candy.

We had to have a good consequence for this action. She took these items to school one time, and I certainly do not contemplate me nor her father allowing it one more time. I "tried" to talk to her about these things... with her screaming all the while. I ended up looking at her and just pointing to the door. After a battle royal, she ended up on the door until she quit the screaming. After bedtime, I called DH and let him know what I had found.

The verdict: no nintendo DS or MP3 for a while, to be determined by HER actions. Once the 'tude is gone, we'll talk about it. This is one action that will be difficult because I give the ds's out when I have meetings for work and I have to take them with me to the meetings to keep them quiet. The other option - and actually this was a big one on us, the parents part- We cleaned up their room, taking all electronics out. Last night I was thinking about it and decided that my girls had it way to easy... why should they have a 27 inch tv in their room when we have a 13 inch? That was removed and taken to our room this afternoon. We tore apart the beds- finding they had way too many stuffies in them, and therefore since the majority of the room has been stripped we moved things from the walls and washed down the walls getting ready for a painting expedition. I am tired of the room looking like shambles, so the first step, give it a new look. Tomorrow will be time to paint the ceiling, possibly the closet, and patch up the holes in the walls (actually just dents) and get the walls sanded and ready for prime and paint. Did I mention that as soon as they came in the door from school that they were made to make their beds and to go through stuffies? They are now only allowed 5 stuffies on their beds, with the remaining put either on the dressers or in the "animal toybox".

Anyways... I bet your wondering how this all worked out... I have not heard Not me, I did n't do it, he did it/she did it, or don't ask me! (yay!!!) The 'tudes have calmed down, the villiage has been quiet, beds have been made, homework and chores have been done, and I am assuming by the looks of tonight that all's well that ends well.

Obviously I am not going to be really searching for Not Me around here... and I really am hoping that I can keep him away. I don't want to have to pay to get and eviction notice made out for NOT ME posted on my door. I could hear all of the neighbors now. But if that is what it takes, maybe I need to get creative and post one on the front door for the kids to see when they walk into the door. It may be a good laugh!!! But it may just back fire and move him in again. If I end up doing it I will get a photo and post it.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Destiny, here this moment

Is it Destiny that I am sitting here blogging? I think so. I think that there are many things I have been destined to do. I believe this with my whole heart. I do not think that God will put you through something that you cannot handle if you turn to him and just ask for his guidance. Sometimes I believe he leads us to this point so that we remember to keep him in our lives.

There are many things that leads us to where we are. There are good choices, bad choices, and those choices we have chosen to ignore. There are things that happen that we played no role in choosing.

Yes, I have three children. I chose to have three children. I cannot choose for them how and why my children do the things that they do. I cannot help how they were born. I can help and guide them in their paths of life. My destiny is to provide them with a nurturing, caring home while trying to teach and enable them to lead good worth while lives. While raising my children I must remember my Destiny.

I am married to a wonderful man. He is probably the greatest thing that has happened to me besides my children. I vowed to always love and "honor" my husband almost 12 years ago. It was destiny. We actually met one day before I was actually divorced from my ex-husband while I was visiting my mother at her place of work. Years later, after my divorce that took around 10 months to complete, while walking into a karaoke bar and trying to obtain a seat, there he was. At no time during my stay there and not until a couple weeks later, while talking with my mom about him, did I find out that I met him before. Destiny. Destiny that I had no choice in meeting him again, but Destiny that I could make was the decision to be with him and raise his children and stand beside his side.

I find that destiny can leave you with a child with Asperger, very bright, sometimes very diligent, sometimes very stubborn. At first you hate this destiny, you have to live with it in your eyes and within your life every single day. You cry when your destiny first hits you smack dab in the face the very first time you recieve your child's diagnosis- and again after the 2nd diagnosis and even after the 7th diagnosis. It's a destiny that sometimes you think back and think to yourself "what if I would have done this", or "What if I would have done that?". But then remember God does not put you through something that you cannot handle without his help. Living within the realm of this destiny, you learn to improvise, to take the situation and look for ways to accept it, but yet to see what you can do to make things better. Better for you, your child, your family. Reality is that once you recieved this news, you actually go through the emotions- Denial, shock, relief of an actual diagnosis that gives you insight as to how many problems you have had, and also the acceptance. I can tell you that if I had it all to do again, I would not change 1 thing about my dear Aspie child. My destiny has brought this to me, willingly or unwillingly, and we are doing what we feel best to work with God to bring us through it.

Destiny still gives us other situations: How to raise a child with Asperger's, while still raising 2 not on the spectrum. We are not a family who has children knocking on our doors to spend the night very often. Sometimes we feel like we are the oddball family who stays to ourselves. Sometimes I feel starved for friendships for my children who can actually understand what our Destiny has brought to our family or for that matter don't really care and able to accept us for who we are. I have to look my Destiny into it's face everyday, with the eager knowledge that I have to accept it for what it is, live with it, ask god for guidance, take it for what it's worth, ask God for encouragement, and live for the moment, seize the day.

Destiny can make us bigger, stronger, more beautiful than that I have never been. Live the day's ahead like you have no tomorrow. Use today like you have no tomorrow. Live out your Destiny.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If I find not-me, he's evicted!

Okay, Honestly I really have the not me running around here. I have three kids who know him really well. Every time I see something and ask "who did this?", by the time "th" in this comes out of my mouth I am already regretting my opening my mouth. I really should know better than to ask this! I honestly do know better, I gather it's just a force of habit for me to ask this question.

For example, I caught food out of the kitchen. Hidden of course.. First response out of the mouth that deserves a big old shoe? "Okay Who did this?" Of course, all three wonderful dear children answer all at one time "NOT ME" But then all of the pointing to one another starts. "He did it, she did it, No she did it, No I don't like cheese!"

I guess for me to actually get not me out of the house I need to remind myself to actually abstain from using the who did this verbage. So What can I do instead? HMMMMM pondering. Got anything you can throw at me? Leave your comments for me! Stay tuned for the verdict.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's in a name?

I have to dedicate this to my grandparents above: Earl Osborne McCracken and Irene Dixie Detamore, not to mention
all of my other grandparents, as neverending grand as they may all be.

What is it exactly that's in a name? Names have meanings to everyone. Even animals! LOL.. Seriously though, a name.

Many people buy the baby name books in the stores while pregnant, trying to choose the perfect name for their little package. These books give the special meanings of the names and also types of spellings. From the website: My first name Tina means follower of Christ. Renee, my second name is also a form of Irene and means Reborn.

Others take names from their past ancestors and either completely use both names: EX: Frederick James. So if the father's name was Frederick James, they would add the Sr. after the name and the child with the same first, middle and last name would be copied from the father- all except the Sr. would change to Jr.

There are some that skip back to generations past, using those names as well. They sometimes go to the grandparent many generations back and use this name. What happens when you have 5 children and each of those 5 children actually have the same first name (at least!)?? What if others like cousins use that name as well? You may end up with 25 people with the same name descended from one person who by this time knows nothing about the person which the people were named for.

To a Historian, it's pure hell. Do you know what it's like to try to keep all of the information straight? Yes, I am guilty of naming my children after people. Yes, it will probably come back and haunt whom ever decides to follow what I am doing and playing the role of historian. S-man got his name from a combo of his Grandfather's name and Hubby's middle name. K-bug got her name a little differently - She got her first name 1. because we liked the name and it sounded Irish. 2. After choosing the name we figured out that her first name fit from DH's Aunts and grandmother, just another form of the name. Her middle name is directly from my grandmother, though we also figured out after choosing the name that it also fits from another of DH's aunts. And well, the last name, it kinda had to be. Now for the B-meister, her name was chosen because the name that we had for the two that miscarried, well, we thought that they may be a jinx and did not want to even consider it for her. Also, I am not sure if it is just me, but I have noticed that people with the same name act a lot alike too.

So, back to my question, do you know how to keep them straight? I will say that I have found more information regarding past family members through the census, draft cards, marriage records. So usually for generations past it is easier to find information for people of the past. They have the census up until 1930 online now. There are tons of information available through churches like LDS, mormon groups, books created pertaining to family histories, township histories, state histories. There are tons of information on many of the different websites, one of the biggest being, genweb just to name only a couple that are out there. Google is a great place to begin as well. Public libraries also carry information, though I have found that the college libraries may carry more. There are information on books, cd's, microfilm, old archives from the newspapers. In order to keep them straight you must watch for parents names, dates of birth, weddings, and deaths. When you can find the social security number that helps now that we have that information also, though it does not do much at this time unless you are contacting the government.

I myself have been researching my mother's side of the family, which started out on one portion of her tree being the Frederick Horn. I do not have a middle name for him. I thought I had found information showing that he was the Jr, and having a Sr. as the father. At the time that all of this information was created (the point in which they were living their lives) some of the information disregarded the fact if they were a Jr. or Sr.. I mean how many people live their lives knowing that they would be a Sr. and even if they did, maybe at one point they were a Jr. that becomes a Sr. at the birth of their child (Am I confusing you yet?? LOL!!). The family tree jumps around tons now, but when you add about 10 people to the tree with the same first names, some not even knowing their middle names, it can get to be a catastrophe.

One thing I can say is that it sometimes is easier if the families keep names running through the family. The hard part is trying to figure out where they got it, because sometimes people aren't even named for a family member, it could be after a friend of the family or someone they wish that child would follow and become like. Some use it at times such as the death of a loved one, the upcoming event of losing a loved one, or even just in memory of a loved one past. In my case, My K-bug's middle name came from a grandmother that I dearly would have wanted to know, but I was born 13 month past her death. I named her middle name her first name so that I will always remember her through the photos and stories that I have held in memory and now every time I hear her name I still feel close to her.

I would have to say in closing, I just needed to have a good rant and rave over the name issue. Unfortunatly there is nothing that can be done. I myself, I like to see names repeated through the generations. To me it defines that one or maybe more than one of those ancestors must have been great, showing great strength and ability, showing the love and devotion to their family, and being a wonderfully missed person. The ability for a child to be named after them is the greatest gift to the person the child has been named for.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold enough for school?

While everyone in counties around us are told to keep their kids home due to the cold artic air that has decided to lay over our state, in our county there were only 1 school closing. I was awoke hearing the phone ringing from my dear ole DH calling to let me know he was on his way home. We talked for a while, waiting and listening to see if school was called off or to hear the bus crew on the scanner. Right on time, the scanner was buzzing with bus drivers asking for things to be done to the buses, while others were barking info to other drivers. School was on and then my games at the house was called to order.

While trying to get S-man up and ready for school, the grand ole Jeep blew a hose while DH was trying to get her home. Fortunately he was able to pull over, turn around and go find a business that was open that early in the morning. I was fretful that I would have to run and get parts and grab tools I thought he would need to remedy the situation. I got all three kids up, while my wanna be a teenager 9 year old was screaming "this is ridiculous! Everyone else has no school! It's too coooollldd!"

While I was getting kids into moving, DH called and found a mechanic walking into the store that he was willingly allowed to take refuge in and of course had hot coffee going. The coffee was the save all, distintively calling the mechanic who has a shop across the street over for the warmth to start the day. The clerk at the store graciously introduced the mechanic to Dh, DH willing to pay for coffee to see if Mechanic could look at the situation. He willingly researched the problem with the help of coffee in hand, and found that he had the part he needed to get DH up and running. Within minutes, the Jeep was put into the saving bay of Mechanics safety land and shortly thereafter with a hose in place and antifreeze and water installed, she was back up and running. Jeep is a wonderful grand 230,000 + more miles on her and she still runs like a top! For her to break down like this is just not her style.

Meanwhile, I got the beast of Van out of the garage. I thought she may feel a little slugish with her held hostage in the garage. She started right up, eager to complete the task she was called to. She handled the snow and ice like a top, while others were slipping and sliding. She is the queen of vans, with the traction control she proudly wears, and her heart loves to show her bravery while kicking it into use. She answered the call, the S-man safetly delivered! She was a grunt who was anxious to get out in the elements and she drove it well.

Dh got off easy on this one. Yes he froze his tushie off, but even more so his feet. Yep, he is home, we got the kids off to school. Hubby has since warmed up in the hottest bath possible and I think he hears the bed calling him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Yes, today is a wacky wednesday. I had all of the energy in the world yesterday, then in came the freeze. I think it may be about 10 degrees here, and it is supposed to stay cold like this for about a week. DH needs to work tonight, so after the kids all left for school he went back to bed. Myself, I really wanted to stay up and work on the house, after all I did get a good night's sleep last night. I ended up going back and laying down with him for about 2 hours. It was a wonderful feeling being all warm and cozy in that bed!

I am still working on the kitchen, but I got a lot done in there yesterday. I ended up cleaning the oven up after all of the baking I did for the holidays. It ended up being almost an hour of scrubbing, the worse of it at least on the bottom of the oven. I hate doing my oven because of the heating element that just lays on the bottom of the stove. But at least it is done and over with now!

K-bug's basketball coach, which is the one in charge over all of the girls, have chosen teams and emailed them out to the coaches and assistant coaches. Apparently since we got an emailed list, DH will be holding the assistant coach position for her team. This is exciting news since this will be her first team event that is through the school. From what I understand she is pretty good with the ball. Dh and I were helping her learn how to "box out" with the use of her tush. Oh I really wish I had photos of that. She really had to learn how to push that tush out and give her her space so that she can get that ball around the person "boxing" her. She also got a basket ball hoop for christmas and with the electronic games all being on hold for all of the kids, S-man has been really taking his toll on her basketball hoop, as well as any door that it resides on. Anyways, she does not know she was chosen to go forward with the basketball team yet, and I am almost positive that she is going to be very excited when she finds out.

We've been working with our stallion- actually a lab who is the size of a horse, to be able to start bringing him into the house to stay. He is a loveable dog who just adores the kids to death, though you need to watch where he is and what he is doing because I really believe that tail of his should be registered as a lethal weapon. We brought him in to have some time upstairs with us as part of his training. DH would love to get him trained for use as a cadaver dog. In the southern part of the county I don't believe we have one, and his dog I think would be a wonderful cadaver. First the training just to have him up with the family, as a protector of the house! We are seeing wonderful things from him though. He's a big baby and when he is allowed out in the house the first thing he goes for is the couch, though he is learning quickly he is not allowed on there. J-dog, the ankle biter thinks she is queen of the house and seems to like to nip at stallion to let him know that she is still the queen and won't be de-crowned. She's learning that it is unacceptable to do this, as it lands her out in a cage in the garage.

It is still snowing, adding to the good amount of snow we have on the ground. Our driveway is actually on a hill, so whenever we need to get up into the driveway it's always fun, even with 4 wheel drive. Even more fun - going out and having snow fall into your boots while feeding the animals. The rabbit's water freezes and then we have to bring the bottles in to thaw them. I am seriously thinking about getting metal water bowls just for freezing days so we can bang the ice out and get the water to them faster. We actually have a load of rabbits. We have Cinny, our senior buck, will be 2 years around July this year. He is a holland torte. He is the most fabulous rabbit we have had to date. He loves rubbings, loves to give kisses. He also likes to be held and his favorite past time is to come in the house and rock in the chair with me, where generally we fall alseep with his head cuddled up right next to my neck. He is a very cuddly rabbit. We also have hound dog, also a male buck, who has fathered the only two litters we have created. He is white and black, a holland broken (black or white? either color, but i think its broken black.).He has the most wonderful fur, very long and thick. His litters have a really nice disposition just as he has. Two of his daughters were shown at the fair as Jr.s and took first and second place in the fair. They actually had 4 kits born in the litter, though 1 passed during birth on March 23, 2008- actually real easter bunnies! The 3 survivors all looked like their momma rabbit- holland otters. They are sweethearts too, though with them being does, they have an attitude though not like momma had. Momma actually went to live back at the farm she was born in and they are planning to mix her wonderful lineage back into the group of rabbits they have there. We also have a Holland frost doe, "Frosty". We have been working on having litters with her, but since we have had her in August 2007 she has been bred many of times with no litters to date. She is an older rabbit and basically is a hutch buddy for hound dog. We took 2 rabbits in from a family who could not care for them anymore. I have not worked with them enough to name them, but one has had Cinny's only litter. I am hoping to breed the two of them together also for a chance at another beautiful litter of kits. We call her Momma B- a name from the family we got her from. We also have another rabbit that came from the second litter born the 30th of June. I call her Sweetie, as she looks like dad and same dispostion as dad(hound dog). she is a pistol though, as she loves to chew on wood. She has actually chewed her way through the back of a cage and was running rampid under the barn, with stallion actually barking at her and trying to tell us that she was out. Dh and I had to go out and chase her to a point that I could grab her. She has REALLY long hair, and also a Holland broken (white with black spots).

I actually like having the rabbits here. When possible, the kids actually care for them as they are 4H projects for the kids. During school and really cold days Dh and I care for them. It is actually a womderful task, and it seems like they are actually happy to see you, to have them talk to them, hold them, and like I said, Cinny actually gives kisses on the nose when he gets held. It is very calming to go back and spend time with them. On days that I get really frustrated I will go back and visit with them just to get away and get things in prospective. Stallion and ankle biter loves to go back and play with them also. Stallion is the protector over the rabbits, and I believe would not harm one hair on these hares. Actually Stallion is the protector over the entire back yard and will chase ankle biter around telling her to shut her loud mouth. LOL It is funny to watch!

Okay I told you it would be a wacky Wednesday, who ever thought I would be writing about my animals at the house? I can't wait until the weather breaks into spring so I can go out and work with the kids on the rabbits, how to hold them, how to walk with them, and I am hoping to get Jr. over to give them more classes on showmanship. S-man and K-bug did really well last year for skillathon, K-bug actually taking 1st place in her age group.

Yes, it's still snowing! I think hot chocolate is in order when the kids come home.

Later Tater!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, It's been a really weird and crazy January so far. I have actually been motivated to clean, though if you were to look at my house right now you would never know it.

I have been pulling things out left and right, de-cluttering and putting things back the best possible way I have been able to. Right now, it's the kitchen. I started at the ceiling with all of the cobwebs hanging down, moving to the top of the cupboards, then to the fridge side of the cupboards going through and straightening things up. I am currently taking a break from cleaning off the counters and giving things a good scrubbing down. I found a neat tip I received regarding cleaning the microwave that I just have to pass along to you all... VINEGAR! Thanks to LaDonna for sharing a wonderful tip! put a bowl of vinegar in the microwave, turn it on and let the vinegar boil, pull the bowl out and the mess comes right off! Wonderful idea, and I had my microwave beautiful and shiny within an matter of minutes.

Time to go finish the other half of the kitchen, and I am going to try vinegar on the fridge and stove also... see if it will cut through some of the grime I have failed to remove in the past.

Oh yeah, did I fail to mention it's snowing again? Also supposed to get really cold around here too. Rachel, I thought of you when I put the photo up!

Later Tater!