Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please be kind to others- Remember to clean off your cars after a big snow!

Hi everyone! Well, I had to venture out today, and they are still trying to clean up the roads here. We got a lot of ice here and it's all built up on the streets. More importantly, it's built up on the cars.

I was not happy on my venture.

I am sure no one appreciates an accident. Not the persons/vehicles/loved ones. Please remember to clear all snow off your vehicle.

Today I almost plowed into two cars while out and about. I was just driving down the road, watching the vehicle in front of me. There was no warning that they had their brakes on. Wanna know why? Because that driver never thought about cleaning off the back of the car, more importantly the rear lights on the car. I really wish I were someone who could have done something about it rather than just slam on my brakes. Not good for my vehicle! It certainly would not have been good for the car in front of me either. Now what if I would have hit that car? I would have hit the car, the snow would have fell off and there would be no clue that the other car did not clear off the back of his car enough for me to tell he had his brake lights on.

I wonder how many times this happens? It would be an interesting study.

I also noticed how many cars that did not uncover the back window of the vehicles also. I really am more of a defensive driver and I absolutely hate having my window covered. I am always checking my mirrors. How are you supposed to back up with ice on your mirrors and back window?

I am only mentioning this to help others out. I don't mean to put anyone down, I just want to make sure you are all driving safe and sound. Please, for your sake as well as others, please clean off the vehicles!


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