Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lactose Intolerant, growing spurts, eating too much?

Welcome to my world for this moment in history!

So, let me refresh your memories (or you can just go back in the blog)... Gracie was born at 35 weeks 5 days. Yes, I believe it was 29 days before she was scheduled to be fully to 40 weeks.She will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

So here is my predicament. I have noticed my sweet lil' one has been having problems with milk coming out of her nose and mouth if she cluster nurses or gets mad and is laying down.I also notice that she is a fast eater and that maybe she is just eating too much before realizing she is done. 

This was mentioned at her last doctor's appointment in which it was suggested to me that I need to cut out milk and soy from my diet. It seems to have also been misunderstood that I needed to delete ANYTHING that has milk or soy from the diet as I have just found out today.  Yeah, think about what it will do to my diet!

Honestly, I am not quite sure that this Lactose thing is the problem.  I ended up calling a lactation consultant to see what she thought.  I really only see her spitting up (mouth and sometimes through the nose), and yes she cries a lot just because she thinks she is always starving, but no real other signs of this problem being her situation. 

The LCs gave some really good pointers.  Keeping her sleeping in the car seat, propping up her head of the bed up, stretching her body to keep room for her belly to digest food, timing how long she is nursing, warming her bed with a hot water bottle or heating pad before putting her in bed (to stay asleep).

So has anyone else had these problems and how did you remedy this situation?  How did you know if this really was the situation with Lactose or if it's just her small belly for being a preemie, or if it really was a situation at all?  What would you do first?  Would you go strictly by the doctor's recommendations or would you form your own judgment and go from there?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gracie's first "real" bath

Today was a first for Gracie! She finally had her total cord fall off her belly button, and it was bath day today. Up until this point we have been doing sponge baths- but as I was getting her ready I remembered that the cord fell off so of course we HAD to do a water bath! We did not use a whole lot of water, just enough to get her wet some. At first she loved being in the warm water, then she started kicking those feet like her typically "froggy" leg self and then she started moving all over her bath tub which I think scared her. She was very happy when we got her all bundled up to dry off in her little ducky robe though.

Fireman was watching just waiting to get his hands on the now clean and baby smelling little girl. He was sitting in his chair just holding the pillow and itching to get a hold of that baby! He was all excited when I got done feeding her and handed her over.

As I was giving her her first bath, I remember thinking about how she has changed just in the 2 1/2 weeks that she has been in our arms and home. With 3 children under my belt already and no more in the future- I was thinking about how things change and how I will never have another tomorrow - like adventure with lil' Gracie. I am not quite sure if it is from all of the problems that arose through the pregnancy or if it's just that I have grown older and wiser; but I know I need to treasure every moment I can with not just Gracie; but all of my kids. I know they will never be this age that they are again.

Get those snuggles and hugs and kisses in when you can, because time flies by and your heart will always wish to get those moments back.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just another day in the household

Our little Gracie!
I am talking on the phone; Fireman went to go find a part for a lawnmower: so anyways, talking on the phone, listening to my cousin tell me all about her exciting news and I hear the van alarm going off. Hmmm I don't recall setting the alarm! On the way out to check the van with the phone to my ear, Fireman is calling for info on the cell phone (which I ignored) only for him to call on the house phone which was presented to the 8 year old to answer so he would at least understand I was "kinda" busy... I went out to figure out what was going on only to find it is the neighbors and not mine! Whew...

Now, back to the living room to get the little girl who seems to sound like she whinny's like a horse now, only for her to fall asleep on me while nursing; then you lay her down and she wakes up again still starving!

Fireman called; the part needs to be ordered for the lawnmower. Wonderful. Story of our lives!

Another couple of fights between the kids; one waking the little one and amazingly she is just looking around as if thinking "Okay what's going on here?" The girls are ordered to pick up the mess that they made while creating an "course" created with all kinds of things that needs to be picked up so Fireman can mow.... I am taking bets that they won't do it, anyone wanna make a bet on this?

I still need to start cleaning the house... It will come slowly as I am trying to get things picked up better than what I have been able to get done.

Food was taken away from the kids until the said "course" has been picked up and put away (It's not like they ate what? 15 minutes ago???) It's not going to hurt them to put in some effort before they can get things!

On a brighter note; Our little girl just turned 2 weeks old as of yesterday! Above is the photo for her two week birthday....We celebrated with a happy dance when we found out at her weight check appointment that she was finally over her birth weight! I have noticed that her little onsies that used to fit very loosely is not fitting a little more snug on her.  I am not sure if it's the type of diapers or if it is actually her growing.

Today after dinner was put on the table was the first day she did not fuss over being put in the swing.  She really has changed a lot in the last two weeks. Not only by her looks, but by her actions.  She is still truly a sweetie! Last night after I put the camera away she decided to reach out and try to grab her first little doll that Grandma and Grandpa bought for her.

I need to start blogging more again- but until we get her on a better schedule it's going to be difficult so I hope everyone will bear with me.  Until the next update; take care and god bless!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's been a little crazy in the household...

For all of those who loved the belly picture.. It's no more! Gracie Lynne was born on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 6:14 PM. She measured 5 pounds 10.9 ounces, 17 1/2 inches long.

I was not sure what was going on the night before when Fireman went to leave for a fire call.  I was kind of feeling contractions, though at the time I just thought they were Braxton's so I just left them alone.  After a while, I started noticing that they were fairly close and started timing them.  After almost an hour at 2-3 minutes apart I let Fireman know what was going on, I called the doctor, called my mom and then waited for the doctor to call back.  Mom was already in the car and driving out to grab the kids when the doctor called back and let me know to head on in to the hospital. 

We got to the hospital and was taken into Labor and Delivery observation.  Hooked up to a fetal monitor, and after checking other regular things they look at they determined that I was "severely dehydrated and began IV fluids- 4 in total along with nubane (Spelling??).  At about 5 AM they released me with the contractions pretty well gone.  I was told to go to my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment that day at 3:00 PM.  I came home and slept until about noon, getting up, taking a shower and after the shower I noticed I had the contractions back, and more intense.  We decided to head out to the appointment early and called ahead to let them know what was going on.  They took me right back as soon as they could and the doctor confirmed that I dialated and effaced more than what I was at 5 AM and decided that at that point there was no stopping the labor and sent me directly to labor and delivery telling us that we were soon to meet our fourth child. 

We entered labor and delivery and was readied in no time.  After the doctor was done with appointments she decided to break my water and things started progressing.  With this delivery I had a lot of back pain and at one time it was so bad that I ended up turning and kneeling on the bed- which took me from 4-5 cm up to 8-9 cm in no time flat. It ended up being less than 1 hour before I delivered Gracie.

The nurses were great helping me through all of the transition phase; Jeff was sitting next to me lost and not knowing how to help, and I could see my mom was in pain just not knowing how to help and staying back trying to be helpful and not getting in the way of the nurses. 

I just want to say that my mom has been there for every one of the births and she has been a wonderful help.  I am not sure what I would have done without her!  As for dad, as fate would have it, was on vacation for the week and was a good sport with keeping the kids for me.  I am so happy I did not have any in diapers as he is out of the diaper changing stage. 

At this point during labor, I pretty much cannot remember anything except trying to get through the contractions.  I delivered with no epidural and only had Neubane right when I got up to the room after the doctor sent me back over and we knew that delivery was coming. I kept thinking with each contraction that I made it through another contraction and this will soon pass!   I do remember them calling for someone to go get the doctor from another room and them announcing "code pink" - a code that the baby may need other support because I was only 35 weeks and 5 days along in the pregnancy.

Gracie was born at 6:14 PM and I remember having them put her on my stomach and thinking to myself oh my goodness!  She's here! She was beautiful and I remember Jeff cutting the cord somewhat.  They evaluated her and I was shocked when I found out her weight was 5 pounds 10.9 ounces as I was really worried about how much she would weigh.  I was very happy to hear she needed no oxygen and that she was a beautiful color, scoring 9, 9 on the apgar scale.  She was a perfect little baby, just did not quite make it to the 37 week mark. 

We ended up staying in the hospital just over 48 hours because the routine 36 week check for strep b was not done and they had to use antibiotics with my IV to protect her from getting it in case I did have it.  Once she was born, they had to screen her for it and start a regular course of 2 antibiotics until the test results came back negative for her.  She went through numerous blood tests and screens; some mandated through the state.  She also had her billiruben checked as it is typical for a premature baby to have problems with jaundice. 

Also another test that had to happen before being released was a car seat safety check where they had to hook her up to monitor how her vitals are in the car seat for an hour to make sure she could withstand the car ride home.  I am not sure if it is mandatory for all babies to go through this test or if it is only for those preemies or how the protocol for the testing works. 

We came home Friday evening and were very happy to arrive home and start restabilizing our lives after Gracie's birth.  She is truly a remarkable little girl - and we tend to think our miracle baby.  If not for our wonderful OB, I am not quite sure she would have been able to stay this long and be so healthy!  She is fitting into the family wonderfully and each child just adores her. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Seriously? A grumbling from the Mann household...

Seriously? I mean really? SERIOUSLY? Is it just a hormonal thing?

Yes and no. Part of me is happy that the kids have things such as the Nintendo DS. There are times that I just need them quiet. A doctor's office, some road trips in the van when you are the only adult and you don't need to be frazzled trying to figure out where you are going in a strange place, or a place you have never been, Or how about getting those kids to actually do something that they really don't wanna do? It's like almost dangling a carrot in front of a rabbits nose.

Yes, with the heat index along with the 93 degree weather it is pretty warm here. We usually have "warm" weather, but this takes the cake! Oh and did I mention it's 93 degrees at the time of this writing - almost 6:30 in the afternoon? Let's just say the air conditioner is getting a good workout today.

So, I have been pretty laid back for the last couple of days seeing as how it's been a holiday weekend. We have just crossed over into the second month of being out of school here. There are some new items I picked up for the kids to play when it's really warm out but they have to earn them by doing their chores and helping out around the house. One of the things we picked up was guitar hero and band hero. We noticed that it helps the kids with eye-hand co-cordination and also focusing on the game. It also helps with the social part where they all have to work together to complete a task too. With that in mind, It gets pretty loud in my house and sometimes I just get overwelmed with all the noise.

Today Fireman decided to take the kids off to the local lake to relax and cool off from the heat of the day. He asked and tried to get the boy to attend with him, but he decided to stay with mom at home. I was trying to relax some since I have hit a really tiring part to this pregnancy and all I could hear from him was the "mouthy" part of running his mouth at the tv like he does when he is playing ball and trying to intimidate the others. I warned him but it just did not stop. Okay, so he was told to turn it off and go find something else to do. He found it...SERIOUSLY!

I saw him walking around the house doing the same thing with his Nintendo DS. Fed up with seeing him with something electronical in his hands and hearing all the diarrea coming out of his mouth, I told him to give it up! He was angry, I don't care. He also needs to come out of the electronical era and actually learn how to be with others.

While at a friends house watching fireworks, he thought that if he threw a big enough fit that he would be sent to the van so he could play the DS then (that we told him he could not bring but snuck anyways). The poor people there in attendance had to listen to him whine because I refused to let him go. I apologize for doing what I did and keeping him there with me, but it was not right that he would be sent to the van as a punishment and earn the right to play the DS.

With everything going on I think this week will have a very large cut back on the electronics in this household. I am tired of having them play, get bored, then 15 minutes later back on it again. All of the electronics are out in the living room to boot so I have to listen to it all and I can also correct bad behavior.

If it did not help with getting them to do things around the house... I really would take it all away!

Not me Monday for July 5, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yes another Monday and lots of funny things NOT to report... Please do NOT laugh too hard.

My father did not have me scared to death that I would be delivering a firecracker on July 4th.  He was not asking if we made reservations at the hospital of choice when he came out to not tease or harass Fireman as they worked diligently this morning in the heat of the day to put the deck up in the back yard... AND having said that, I did NOT have any dreams that I did have this little Gracie and that she was NOT born with flaming red hair.  Nope never in a million years.  I would never be so tired that I would fall asleep and take a 5 hour nap starting before my father left to go back home.

My daughter was not the best daughter in the world for the past two days and I have not thanked her for being so calm, quiet and kind.  She has not woolfed down food only to ask for more.  I have no intentions of considering her to be in a growing spurt either.  She did not go to a friends house and never got severly burned just for me to get her in the shower and rub her burn with aloe and wake up tan.  I am never a person who is jealous over things like this. No not me!!!

Fireman did not get out of work on Thursday only to walk about 10 minutes to the jeep and find out that he was left with a wounded vehicle. Never in a million years would the tire sidewall blow out on the passenger side while sitting in the parking lot.  He would ALWAYS remember to have all of the tools to change the tire and get the vehicle on the road and back home again so that he would not have to frantically call me with the list of items needed to change this situation. 

While I never received a phone call with the list of items needed to change such a tire on such a vehicle, I did not look both ways on the train tracks I was about to cross only to have the crossing guard come down almost in the middle of my van, with me stopping RIGHT before crossing the tracks and I never needed to stop, back up the van past the crossing guard just to feel safe that I would not be hit.  I would never hit my brakes so hard that the phone that was sitting on the dashboard would never shut itself off either. 

Fireman would not go and get the car hauler without calling first and asking me to call ahead to see if he could use it and me not believing that he was actually going to go get it for the upteenth time he has asked me to request it and then not show up. He did not get it moved swiftly and put back in place before anyone even realized he had it!  He also did not work on it yesterday nor today and never got the deck put back up. He did not need my Father's help and he did not go back out after the sun was on the other side of the house to finish putting up the side rails and clean up the yard so he could mow Monday.

I did not start cleaning the kitchen last Saturday night after viewing fireworks at a friends house, even scrubbing the floors on hands and knees and going to bed after 3 hours just for the kids to deplete the cleanliness and spill orange soda all over the floor.  I did not make them rescrub it... Not the way I did on hands and knees too! I never heard one complaint while the task was being completed.

The neighbor never came over tonight and hand Fireman any sparklers or poppers for the kids to play with.  I never took any photos while out enjoying our new deck with the laptop at the picnic table either!  I tried, honestly to get a photo of Steven, but with running mach 5 with hair on fire ( okay honestly his hair is not long enough to catch on fire!) I never was able to get it!  Oh and we never had a bonfire either.

With it being July 4th, we decided to stay home and have some fun with the kids and enjoy the back yard and forego seeing more fireworks.  With that statement I would never EVER serve dinner at 10:00 at night.  It would never be Italian grilled sausage, sweet and buttery corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe, or cucumber salad.  I did not serve Napolian icecream sandwiches right after dinner either while sitting on the porch seeing if we could hear the local farmer's cows mooing either.

After we all came in and the kids were not getting ready for bed, I did not decide to take this memorable photo or anything like it.  I would never post it on Facebook either!

So please comment and share all of the fun things that you HAVE NOT BEEN doing!!! I would love to hear them!