Monday, July 5, 2010

Not me Monday for July 5, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yes another Monday and lots of funny things NOT to report... Please do NOT laugh too hard.

My father did not have me scared to death that I would be delivering a firecracker on July 4th.  He was not asking if we made reservations at the hospital of choice when he came out to not tease or harass Fireman as they worked diligently this morning in the heat of the day to put the deck up in the back yard... AND having said that, I did NOT have any dreams that I did have this little Gracie and that she was NOT born with flaming red hair.  Nope never in a million years.  I would never be so tired that I would fall asleep and take a 5 hour nap starting before my father left to go back home.

My daughter was not the best daughter in the world for the past two days and I have not thanked her for being so calm, quiet and kind.  She has not woolfed down food only to ask for more.  I have no intentions of considering her to be in a growing spurt either.  She did not go to a friends house and never got severly burned just for me to get her in the shower and rub her burn with aloe and wake up tan.  I am never a person who is jealous over things like this. No not me!!!

Fireman did not get out of work on Thursday only to walk about 10 minutes to the jeep and find out that he was left with a wounded vehicle. Never in a million years would the tire sidewall blow out on the passenger side while sitting in the parking lot.  He would ALWAYS remember to have all of the tools to change the tire and get the vehicle on the road and back home again so that he would not have to frantically call me with the list of items needed to change this situation. 

While I never received a phone call with the list of items needed to change such a tire on such a vehicle, I did not look both ways on the train tracks I was about to cross only to have the crossing guard come down almost in the middle of my van, with me stopping RIGHT before crossing the tracks and I never needed to stop, back up the van past the crossing guard just to feel safe that I would not be hit.  I would never hit my brakes so hard that the phone that was sitting on the dashboard would never shut itself off either. 

Fireman would not go and get the car hauler without calling first and asking me to call ahead to see if he could use it and me not believing that he was actually going to go get it for the upteenth time he has asked me to request it and then not show up. He did not get it moved swiftly and put back in place before anyone even realized he had it!  He also did not work on it yesterday nor today and never got the deck put back up. He did not need my Father's help and he did not go back out after the sun was on the other side of the house to finish putting up the side rails and clean up the yard so he could mow Monday.

I did not start cleaning the kitchen last Saturday night after viewing fireworks at a friends house, even scrubbing the floors on hands and knees and going to bed after 3 hours just for the kids to deplete the cleanliness and spill orange soda all over the floor.  I did not make them rescrub it... Not the way I did on hands and knees too! I never heard one complaint while the task was being completed.

The neighbor never came over tonight and hand Fireman any sparklers or poppers for the kids to play with.  I never took any photos while out enjoying our new deck with the laptop at the picnic table either!  I tried, honestly to get a photo of Steven, but with running mach 5 with hair on fire ( okay honestly his hair is not long enough to catch on fire!) I never was able to get it!  Oh and we never had a bonfire either.

With it being July 4th, we decided to stay home and have some fun with the kids and enjoy the back yard and forego seeing more fireworks.  With that statement I would never EVER serve dinner at 10:00 at night.  It would never be Italian grilled sausage, sweet and buttery corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe, or cucumber salad.  I did not serve Napolian icecream sandwiches right after dinner either while sitting on the porch seeing if we could hear the local farmer's cows mooing either.

After we all came in and the kids were not getting ready for bed, I did not decide to take this memorable photo or anything like it.  I would never post it on Facebook either!

So please comment and share all of the fun things that you HAVE NOT BEEN doing!!! I would love to hear them!


Jenilee said...

sounds like you have been very busy! and so brave to post that pic but it is also a beautiful picture of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

I miss my belly!!!
Love the blog, found you through MWOP!