Monday, July 5, 2010

Seriously? A grumbling from the Mann household...

Seriously? I mean really? SERIOUSLY? Is it just a hormonal thing?

Yes and no. Part of me is happy that the kids have things such as the Nintendo DS. There are times that I just need them quiet. A doctor's office, some road trips in the van when you are the only adult and you don't need to be frazzled trying to figure out where you are going in a strange place, or a place you have never been, Or how about getting those kids to actually do something that they really don't wanna do? It's like almost dangling a carrot in front of a rabbits nose.

Yes, with the heat index along with the 93 degree weather it is pretty warm here. We usually have "warm" weather, but this takes the cake! Oh and did I mention it's 93 degrees at the time of this writing - almost 6:30 in the afternoon? Let's just say the air conditioner is getting a good workout today.

So, I have been pretty laid back for the last couple of days seeing as how it's been a holiday weekend. We have just crossed over into the second month of being out of school here. There are some new items I picked up for the kids to play when it's really warm out but they have to earn them by doing their chores and helping out around the house. One of the things we picked up was guitar hero and band hero. We noticed that it helps the kids with eye-hand co-cordination and also focusing on the game. It also helps with the social part where they all have to work together to complete a task too. With that in mind, It gets pretty loud in my house and sometimes I just get overwelmed with all the noise.

Today Fireman decided to take the kids off to the local lake to relax and cool off from the heat of the day. He asked and tried to get the boy to attend with him, but he decided to stay with mom at home. I was trying to relax some since I have hit a really tiring part to this pregnancy and all I could hear from him was the "mouthy" part of running his mouth at the tv like he does when he is playing ball and trying to intimidate the others. I warned him but it just did not stop. Okay, so he was told to turn it off and go find something else to do. He found it...SERIOUSLY!

I saw him walking around the house doing the same thing with his Nintendo DS. Fed up with seeing him with something electronical in his hands and hearing all the diarrea coming out of his mouth, I told him to give it up! He was angry, I don't care. He also needs to come out of the electronical era and actually learn how to be with others.

While at a friends house watching fireworks, he thought that if he threw a big enough fit that he would be sent to the van so he could play the DS then (that we told him he could not bring but snuck anyways). The poor people there in attendance had to listen to him whine because I refused to let him go. I apologize for doing what I did and keeping him there with me, but it was not right that he would be sent to the van as a punishment and earn the right to play the DS.

With everything going on I think this week will have a very large cut back on the electronics in this household. I am tired of having them play, get bored, then 15 minutes later back on it again. All of the electronics are out in the living room to boot so I have to listen to it all and I can also correct bad behavior.

If it did not help with getting them to do things around the house... I really would take it all away!

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