Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lactose Intolerant, growing spurts, eating too much?

Welcome to my world for this moment in history!

So, let me refresh your memories (or you can just go back in the blog)... Gracie was born at 35 weeks 5 days. Yes, I believe it was 29 days before she was scheduled to be fully to 40 weeks.She will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

So here is my predicament. I have noticed my sweet lil' one has been having problems with milk coming out of her nose and mouth if she cluster nurses or gets mad and is laying down.I also notice that she is a fast eater and that maybe she is just eating too much before realizing she is done. 

This was mentioned at her last doctor's appointment in which it was suggested to me that I need to cut out milk and soy from my diet. It seems to have also been misunderstood that I needed to delete ANYTHING that has milk or soy from the diet as I have just found out today.  Yeah, think about what it will do to my diet!

Honestly, I am not quite sure that this Lactose thing is the problem.  I ended up calling a lactation consultant to see what she thought.  I really only see her spitting up (mouth and sometimes through the nose), and yes she cries a lot just because she thinks she is always starving, but no real other signs of this problem being her situation. 

The LCs gave some really good pointers.  Keeping her sleeping in the car seat, propping up her head of the bed up, stretching her body to keep room for her belly to digest food, timing how long she is nursing, warming her bed with a hot water bottle or heating pad before putting her in bed (to stay asleep).

So has anyone else had these problems and how did you remedy this situation?  How did you know if this really was the situation with Lactose or if it's just her small belly for being a preemie, or if it really was a situation at all?  What would you do first?  Would you go strictly by the doctor's recommendations or would you form your own judgment and go from there?

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