Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gracie's first "real" bath

Today was a first for Gracie! She finally had her total cord fall off her belly button, and it was bath day today. Up until this point we have been doing sponge baths- but as I was getting her ready I remembered that the cord fell off so of course we HAD to do a water bath! We did not use a whole lot of water, just enough to get her wet some. At first she loved being in the warm water, then she started kicking those feet like her typically "froggy" leg self and then she started moving all over her bath tub which I think scared her. She was very happy when we got her all bundled up to dry off in her little ducky robe though.

Fireman was watching just waiting to get his hands on the now clean and baby smelling little girl. He was sitting in his chair just holding the pillow and itching to get a hold of that baby! He was all excited when I got done feeding her and handed her over.

As I was giving her her first bath, I remember thinking about how she has changed just in the 2 1/2 weeks that she has been in our arms and home. With 3 children under my belt already and no more in the future- I was thinking about how things change and how I will never have another tomorrow - like adventure with lil' Gracie. I am not quite sure if it is from all of the problems that arose through the pregnancy or if it's just that I have grown older and wiser; but I know I need to treasure every moment I can with not just Gracie; but all of my kids. I know they will never be this age that they are again.

Get those snuggles and hugs and kisses in when you can, because time flies by and your heart will always wish to get those moments back.

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