Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did someone ask for more SNOW??

Yep, someone in this world asked for it... more snow! Yup, we got their request. I can't believe how much it's coming down. Sitting here and looking out the front windows, It reminds me of pillow fights where the pillows have been ripped apart and the feathers are lightly falling to the ground. I keep wondering when the feathers will actually rest and it will be headed out of our area. From the reports on the news, there are a ton of roads closed.. mostly up near the lake. I certainly hope that is the case because DH has to work tonight! By the photo you can slightly tell that he went out and shoveled the walk off, but there has to be 2-3 more inches out there since he did this and will be needing done again. Jeff said that it is a very heavy snow- nothing like the past snow falls. It finally turned to spitting the fluffier snow this morning about 8 AM. I watched the news last night in hopes that they closed schools early so we could sleep in, but it did not really help my cause. I woke this morning at 5:30 and came out to check, with the TV on and the school closings running through their alphabetical orders. There were so many! I ended up going to their website just to find out faster. As soon as I checked, saw that the school once again was closed due to the storm, I went to bed. I tossed and turned some, then ended up getting up again, only to find upon returning to my computer that if I would have waited 5 minutes and checked email I would have found an email from one of the new channels in the area telling the tale of our school closure.

I am happy to see that the school was closed. It's a nasty mess out there. DH got toned out for a call for the Fire Department and I have not heard from him. Thank goodness for 4X4, at least I know he's got a better chance than most. I am hoping he either returns soon or calls to let me know things are well.

The kids were not happy when I put my foot down and made them go out and feed the animals. Oh well, I guess we won't be sled riding anytime today! They complained about how cold it is and how we were so mean making them take care of THOSE animals.. Their animals for 4H. They reluctantly went out and did it, only to return back to the house with little red faces and hands.

The news is saying that it will soon be over- 4PM at the latest. DH made it home safe and sound, only to come in the house, ask for his gloves and cell phone to call work. He went out to start clearing the snow from the walk and drive now.

Now here's a little accomplishment for our 2 year old baby... the black stallion. He loves hanging out in the garage, but we bring him up into the house and we are trying to teach him "in house" manners. He adores the whole family, but you can tell that DH's his owner. He will listen really well to DH. he was very appreciative to having heat for a while. He got bored and started heading back to the garage. Before returning back to his domain he had to have a wrestling match with dad. This was actually about a week ago.

Well, if we are sharing the snow with you, best wishes for a safe and comfy home and don't go out unless you have to!


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