Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If I find not-me, he's evicted!

Okay, Honestly I really have the not me running around here. I have three kids who know him really well. Every time I see something and ask "who did this?", by the time "th" in this comes out of my mouth I am already regretting my opening my mouth. I really should know better than to ask this! I honestly do know better, I gather it's just a force of habit for me to ask this question.

For example, I caught food out of the kitchen. Hidden of course.. First response out of the mouth that deserves a big old shoe? "Okay Who did this?" Of course, all three wonderful dear children answer all at one time "NOT ME" But then all of the pointing to one another starts. "He did it, she did it, No she did it, No I don't like cheese!"

I guess for me to actually get not me out of the house I need to remind myself to actually abstain from using the who did this verbage. So What can I do instead? HMMMMM pondering. Got anything you can throw at me? Leave your comments for me! Stay tuned for the verdict.....

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Heather said...

HEY! I have an invisible "Not-Me" here too! Maybe they are twins?! Or as my dh mentioned clones! We also seem to have a "I dunno" here too... If you come up with any ideas or suggestions on how to find and exterminate "not-me" or "I dunno" let me know!

And I told my crew that I fired the maid -- they get really irritated about that.