Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold enough for school?

While everyone in counties around us are told to keep their kids home due to the cold artic air that has decided to lay over our state, in our county there were only 1 school closing. I was awoke hearing the phone ringing from my dear ole DH calling to let me know he was on his way home. We talked for a while, waiting and listening to see if school was called off or to hear the bus crew on the scanner. Right on time, the scanner was buzzing with bus drivers asking for things to be done to the buses, while others were barking info to other drivers. School was on and then my games at the house was called to order.

While trying to get S-man up and ready for school, the grand ole Jeep blew a hose while DH was trying to get her home. Fortunately he was able to pull over, turn around and go find a business that was open that early in the morning. I was fretful that I would have to run and get parts and grab tools I thought he would need to remedy the situation. I got all three kids up, while my wanna be a teenager 9 year old was screaming "this is ridiculous! Everyone else has no school! It's too coooollldd!"

While I was getting kids into moving, DH called and found a mechanic walking into the store that he was willingly allowed to take refuge in and of course had hot coffee going. The coffee was the save all, distintively calling the mechanic who has a shop across the street over for the warmth to start the day. The clerk at the store graciously introduced the mechanic to Dh, DH willing to pay for coffee to see if Mechanic could look at the situation. He willingly researched the problem with the help of coffee in hand, and found that he had the part he needed to get DH up and running. Within minutes, the Jeep was put into the saving bay of Mechanics safety land and shortly thereafter with a hose in place and antifreeze and water installed, she was back up and running. Jeep is a wonderful grand 230,000 + more miles on her and she still runs like a top! For her to break down like this is just not her style.

Meanwhile, I got the beast of Van out of the garage. I thought she may feel a little slugish with her held hostage in the garage. She started right up, eager to complete the task she was called to. She handled the snow and ice like a top, while others were slipping and sliding. She is the queen of vans, with the traction control she proudly wears, and her heart loves to show her bravery while kicking it into use. She answered the call, the S-man safetly delivered! She was a grunt who was anxious to get out in the elements and she drove it well.

Dh got off easy on this one. Yes he froze his tushie off, but even more so his feet. Yep, he is home, we got the kids off to school. Hubby has since warmed up in the hottest bath possible and I think he hears the bed calling him.

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