Thursday, January 22, 2009

BOLO: searching for Not me, other culprits: I did n't do it, don't ask me!

Okay your privileged... two blogs- 1 day!

Yes you read correctly, we are still searching for not me. We have also found evidence of I didn't do it and Don't ask me!. We found this last night, while getting book bags ready for school. My DD9 has been told time and again that the nintendo DS and the MP3 player are totally not allowed to go to school. Not only did I "NOT" find these items in her book bag, I also did "NOT" find a whole Tupperware container full of homemade candy.

We had to have a good consequence for this action. She took these items to school one time, and I certainly do not contemplate me nor her father allowing it one more time. I "tried" to talk to her about these things... with her screaming all the while. I ended up looking at her and just pointing to the door. After a battle royal, she ended up on the door until she quit the screaming. After bedtime, I called DH and let him know what I had found.

The verdict: no nintendo DS or MP3 for a while, to be determined by HER actions. Once the 'tude is gone, we'll talk about it. This is one action that will be difficult because I give the ds's out when I have meetings for work and I have to take them with me to the meetings to keep them quiet. The other option - and actually this was a big one on us, the parents part- We cleaned up their room, taking all electronics out. Last night I was thinking about it and decided that my girls had it way to easy... why should they have a 27 inch tv in their room when we have a 13 inch? That was removed and taken to our room this afternoon. We tore apart the beds- finding they had way too many stuffies in them, and therefore since the majority of the room has been stripped we moved things from the walls and washed down the walls getting ready for a painting expedition. I am tired of the room looking like shambles, so the first step, give it a new look. Tomorrow will be time to paint the ceiling, possibly the closet, and patch up the holes in the walls (actually just dents) and get the walls sanded and ready for prime and paint. Did I mention that as soon as they came in the door from school that they were made to make their beds and to go through stuffies? They are now only allowed 5 stuffies on their beds, with the remaining put either on the dressers or in the "animal toybox".

Anyways... I bet your wondering how this all worked out... I have not heard Not me, I did n't do it, he did it/she did it, or don't ask me! (yay!!!) The 'tudes have calmed down, the villiage has been quiet, beds have been made, homework and chores have been done, and I am assuming by the looks of tonight that all's well that ends well.

Obviously I am not going to be really searching for Not Me around here... and I really am hoping that I can keep him away. I don't want to have to pay to get and eviction notice made out for NOT ME posted on my door. I could hear all of the neighbors now. But if that is what it takes, maybe I need to get creative and post one on the front door for the kids to see when they walk into the door. It may be a good laugh!!! But it may just back fire and move him in again. If I end up doing it I will get a photo and post it.


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Heather said...

I had not thought of a "not me" eviction notice. That's funny. However, I have a feeling he will be back. Not right away, but after a while he will sneak in and do something and the kids will tell you who did it... "not me."