Saturday, January 31, 2009

The metamorphasis of the girls bedroom

Okay, I totally forgot to take pictures of the room before.. but just imagine writing with marker on the ceiling and on the walls, dents from throwing things, and an eggshell white on the walls with black scuff marks here and there. Also, a burgandy scarf hanging over the window, actually making the room look darker.

I began last week with ceiling paint covering up all of the marker on the ceiling. The paint on the ceiling actually brightening up the room, especially with the burgandy scarf down.

With DH being off this weekend, it only seemed fitting that I would have enough time to get this done, I mean I have only had all of the stuff to get it done for about a year now~ including the border that I got for .50 cents each roll, for a grand total of 2.00. The paint I actually found on the mistint shelf and I believe I had maybe 15.00 into just the 3 gallon cans of paint. I had it pictured in my mind.... I just needed to get the motivation to get my tush moving and get it going.

This is probably the best photo of the color in the room. It is supposed to be a lavendar, chosen for a bedroom in the other place before moving here, and never was used, so after seeing the colors in the border I thought it may work well. I found the green and mixed it with Faux glaze, making the green a little more transparent and easier to work with while sponging it on the wall. Funny thing- While I was shaking the 1 gallon container the lid popped off and I had paint all over the kitchen.. Good thing it was in the kitchen and not over carpet! It cleaned up easily though. This is a photo of the lavendar before I began on the green sponge painting.

DD9 was given the opportunity to go through the room and put markings on the wall so I knew exactly how high I had to sponge the wall. I started sponge painting with a natural sponge, starting right next to the door and working counter clock wise through the room. Here is a photo taken by DD6 while I worked. Her job was to wipe off the wood work in the room after I painted near it. The paint fumes were nasty and working with all of the girls stuff in the middle of the room, Mr. Migraine started to visit. I got the room done within an hour and a half. Then the waiting game began. I had to wait for the walls to dry so I could put the border up.

Except for the room needing a really good de-cluttering session along with a really good cleaning the room is put together. I have some things that I need to put up on the walls, but I really don't want to put them up until the paint has really cured. I have a whiteboard/corkboard that I am going to paint the outside wood on and find some fabric over the cork that I will put over the dressers or in between the door and closet. I am looking for nylon butterflies that I can make a hanging doo dad to put on the hook in the corner of the room. I am also thinking about taking pink, purple and yellow and making a template to stimple onto the lavender tops on the walls. I will look for other ideas to bring it all together also. The curtain is green, however they have little opalescent pieces sewn into the fabric to glisten and they have butterflies and flowers sown into it. I am thinking about adding another panel to it just to cover over the window more. I had to replace the mini blind also, but I actually found one that would fit into the window opening, the only problem being the wood around the window was beveled and we had to cut wedges of wood to go in behind the hardware that holds the blind in place. I'll get a better photo of the border and actually show photos after the room is decluttered and cleaned tomorrow.

I am not really a good person to ask about color, so I am unsure if the colors actually go together, but my girls adore the room and I actually liked how the lavendar stands out in with the green sponge painting. I have found that the green is a popular color. I wanted something that would take the kids into the tween years, since DD 9 will be there shortly. We will see how long I can keep it.


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