Friday, February 6, 2009

All's well that ends well...

I'm Back!

What a trip! We left for a convention pertaining to the job. It was hectic getting everything together. Ended up not needing 1/4 of the stuff I packed for a three day/ two night stay. Oh well. At least I had it all.

The kids survived, DH survived. I survived, though there were a couple of moments that I thought my roomie might try to spike my pepsi just to get me to shut up!

I laughed more these last couple days then I have in a while. I came home loaded down with giveaways from all of the venders and from the first night there.

The first night, we got down to the hotel, loaded our belongings into the room, went back down the register and walked through the venders available. They had goodies and info galore! We loaded up two bags of information as well as squishy balls, pens pencils, tons of candy, calendars, catalogs, info on health care, anything you can imagine for a small town government may want or need. We had a load of fun walking around gathering information and checking out everything while dodging all of the other on-lookers.

We got to eat at a indoor barbecue. pretty cool! food, banjo, band, lots of carnival games. Lots of free prizes!!! Kinda brought the kid back out of you. A lot of socialization between other people from townships from all over the state.

There were lots of classes on new issues that have been passed or changed. With only having a short amount of time per class, they gave just enough information to give you some knowledge of the topic, but now I have to go searching for websites to investigate more into the topics.

Home for just about an hour and a half, we've already dispersed all of the goodies out. We had a good freeforall throwing all of the little balls at DH and Dh throwing them back at the kids and I.

I'm Home!

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