Sunday, February 8, 2009

What an EGGselent find!

At the end of the school year, K-bug was in the third grade. Right before the end of school, I allowed K-bug to be put in a drawing at the end of a 4H/school project. I had to send in a letter of intent, making fully aware that we must have a plan of action and the school wanted to make sure they would not be made into dinner. K-bug, of course, was drawn to bring home 2 chicks. Chicks must come in pairs, they are a type of animal that must have a partner, whether it be opposite sex or not.

We had a plan with the chicks, I emailed my cousin and Farmer who was looking for chicks to help keep the population of the flies down on their farm, and asked her that if we get these chicks if she would be able to take them once they were old enough for the farm. They agreed and also brought more chicks in that were a little younger and raised them too. They unfortunately had to keep them separated until they were used to each other. They did have some older chickens that did not use the chicken coup so much because they liked sleeping up in the trees, which one was a runaway chicken we saved almost 2 years prior that crawled under our van while driving, known as the rescue chicken. They also have a chicken inherited when it ran away from another nearby farm.

Dear cousin also found 2 geese to keep on the farm, as they heard that they keep the racoons and other varmit away. Their names: Duck Duck and Goose. Duck Duck protects the blue truck that they use for the farm. He also ran for President, though I did not see his name on the ballot when it came to voting day. I really think he was a good choice too. His running mate was his new best friend, Goose.

Anyways, a day came not too long ago that while taking the eggs out of the chicken coop, which now contains all of the chicks - now all together except all the tree nesting chickens - they were overcome with the size of one egg. The photo they sent announcing the egg's arrival is above.

There was talk all around as to what eggactly did this egg contain. It was put up for public viewing. Farmer and wife were so proud! they knew that this did not come from the geese, but from one of the new chickens in the coop. They did finally open the egg to find it's contents....

Yes, the egg was opened, and this is the photo that came with the announcement to all who inquired as to what the egg contained. We knew that the geese were not allowed in the chicken coup, but I bet there were jokes if it was actually a chicken or a goose egg.

It actually contained 2 Yolks. The photo took us all by surprise, but....

All Yolks aside, it was probably the best egg found in the area in a while!


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MizzMoneypenny2u said...

What a cool and Eggciting tale!

PS... did you know that Goose as it turns out, is a girl? Oh the fun we have on the farm... So at some point I suppose we will have goose eggs.