Friday, February 20, 2009

Thoughts regarding schools

Here is a topic near and dear to my heart. As some of my readers may already know, I have a child with Asperger Syndrome. This diagnosis comes with social issues. I have many people who try to turn me on to educating my child through the computer because of his issues. While this may work well with other children, I feel that these "computer schools" would actually be a draw back for my children.

Children need to learn how to get a long with people. They need to have social lives, and they need to know how to approach people. I believe that the "computer schools" would not provide this for my children.

Another issue I am facing is the fact that with going to school, they need to learn organization. If they cannot learn this now, how are they supposed to grow up knowing how to do this. I feel there are many many issues that going to school will help with- it's just how the parents deal with it. On the very first day that I have met each child's teacher(s), I have told the teacher that if they have any problems with my children to contact me. I am a firm believer that children are never perfect. I will deal with issues at home, and if the school also hands out discipline

Interim reports came out today. I made a vow to leave my 6th grade to be in control of all of his homework and to make sure it gets done and turned in(and the grades prove that we need a lot of work on this!). We have been trying to deal with the issues of 1. not turning in homework on time, 2. not completing homework 3. not bringing home the homework needed.

I told my 6th grader last week that I am working with the teachers and they are reporting to me ANY homework that is not being turned in on time. He likes a particular show, and I have told him that for every homework assignment missed I delete a show that has been recorded without him watching it. After seeing his report card today, he has now lost not only his DS(gone for almost 6 weeks already), but in addition to all of his Pokemon cards, his x box and if he continues to stay up playing with his cars his cards will be gone as well. He really needs to learn how to control himself and to take action for the things he needs to get done at school and also he needs to be held accountable for his actions at school.

I am seriously considering talking to the school and asking them to start handing out detentions to him for being late to class, not turning in homework, and for not finishing his homework when it's n0t done to his potential. I really hate to do this, but I really do not know what else I can do to reinforce these habits. He is sluffing off, and even though he may be on an IEP, that does not give him the right to not learn how to work up to his potential, not to show up on time, and not to learn how to organize and turn things in. To me all of the above are essential for work ethics that he will soon need in less than 6 years.

I may not share views with each and every person who views this, but I know deep down in my heart that sometimes tough love is better than doing for them. What else can I do? I have to look down the road and prepare him for the rest of Jr. High as well as High School. I have to prepare my children for living life on their own, taking care of their needs, College if the possibility arises (and I hope it does!) and the most important is working and holding a job. If I don't do this now, what is it going to be like down the road? Are they going to actually be able to hold down a job?

I may sound mean. It may hurt to say these things. It is my responsibility as the mother to teach them. If I let this continue, I am only hurting them.

Enough on the soap box, I am stepping down now.

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