Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Supermom... the Sicko

Okay, I actually did go to the docs. I could not take it anymore! My house is a disaster and I was actually following doc's orders to let it go and actually REST!!! I have work that needs to be taken care of, and I really did not want to go around delivering it to everyone while dispersing the bug I am under the weather with. I actually think that tomorrow I will be able to get out and get it all done and taken care of. What a relief that will be. I really feel terrible I have not got it taken care of yet.

DH and son came down with the crud now, which in my eyes gives me the "all clear" ring a ding ding in my head, saying that I cannot lie around here following doc's orders. Someone has to be in control around here and while DH really does not get sick often, I know he needs his break to start feeling better also. I am impatiently watching s-mann because I am starting to think he is feeling better, just not sure if the 101.5 fever has broken yet. I am blessed with the fact that both boys usually do not get sick and when they do it is usually half of the time I am down.

I am hoping that by tomorrow this crud comes out of my chest so I will be able to breathe again, so that I can take over better and get the germs out of the house. DD6 was out all last week with this, and I was actually combating it last week, though Sunday night I came down with it harder than what I could imagine.

So enough about the sicko's here, it's time for me to don my cap and find my supermom energy and start getting this house in order, and my work dropped off!


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