Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long time no blog!

Okay, so I have not been the best blog upkeeper like others. I'll admit it!
Since coming down sick, I have lost 15-20 pounds. I also had to jump in head first to get the things done that needed done while down. I am still working on getting the cough gone, getting work done and up keeping the house. While I have been working hard to get this all done, I have failed to up keep my blog. I am truly sorry for not writing more.

The kiddo's are on spring break- that means I have to re-arrange all of the things that I do so I can get them done. More battles with the kids to help out around the house, and more food to purchase to keep their little bellies full.

Spring break is also less time for things such as blogs. With me trying to fit work into my schedule full of children, less time is available for other things. Hmmm thinking it may be a good time to scrub walls and declutter too!

Off to get busy and get the kids moving! I will write again! I promise!

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