Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let the tourney's begin

DH and K-bug, the basketball Duo. Yes, I believe that K-bug is doing very well for her first go round for basketball.

Two weekends ago was the birth of a sportsmom. K-bug along with her 8 partners-in-crime took to the court. They practiced many months, and they won their first game- the first game they ever played as a team. She's got the bug! DH is the assistant coach. The poor guy misses playing so much that there are times he gets out there and patters on the ball too. The girls all love playing around and trying to get the ball from him. Yes she's smiling! Yes she has fun! She has practiced hard and we are very proud of her. She got a taste of what it's like to swoosh the basket. She's got a taste of winning, but also losing like a winner too. The team bounces back up and comes back for more. They work well as a team and I hope to see them stay together going through school. I know my daughter has many talents - basketball, baseball, showing rabbits and coloring, but I am truly happy to see her out there pounding the court showing everyone what she is made out of.

The last game they played was exciting. They got to play in the High School Gym where the last Tourney was held. They actually got seats to sit in instead of sitting on the front row of the bleachers. The game started out gruesome, 16 point scored against them by the half. Those girls came out of the half after talking with their coaching staff like someone lit a match. they actually scored more than the other team the second half, mostly because they kept getting the other team to foul. I know it must have been a rough game to go into with the other team towering over our own. K-bug has earned her new name - "The Aggravator". They started putting her up front so when the other's teams dribbler came across the line with the ball... the Aggravator was in her face! It's actually good to see her put those special tendancies into play for a good reason.

What amazes me the most? This is a team of girls.. Girls who work together, with their atittude and support and they are the team. You don't hear all of the other things you would normally hear - how much better my child is compared to yours. They all come in and give 110%. It's wonderful to be able to sit back and see your child enjoying herself while doing something that she really has an interest in.

I hope that every child gets to find their niche and feel what my daughter feels while out on that ballcourt. I hope you do as well!

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