Friday, October 8, 2010

13 weeks Yesterday- 3 months today!

Katelyn with Gracie playing with one of her toys. Gracie has learned how to touch the animals to get them to make sounds.
I live for these moments.  They are so very precious!  I thrive to see my children interact with one another.  Today- October 7, 2010 my littlest one is 3 months along.  She has come so far within such a small time period.  She has been trying to turn over from belly to back, rolling from side to side while on her belly, lifting her head and shoulders up, checking out her environment; she is so inquisitive about her home! Tonight we caught her attempting to get on her hands and knees and actually accomplished for a brief second. These are the moments that will never be again. 

It is almost like overnight I have went through "what do I do with this child to calm her down?" to being mystified as to how much she is doing and taking in.  It's like someone turned on a light.  She was so into checking out what was on the blanket design-wise to looking and playing with the toys.  She has already been scooting herself around on her blanket not really knowing or understanding how or why she did it, but now she seems to be doing it with purpose.

It feels like every day that Gracie does something new is like Christmas all over again!

Milestones. Markers. Etched in my mind and heart forever.

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