Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pregnancy does not just effect the mothers

At 32 weeks; there are still plenty of things to so and get ready for. Maybe for this household it's just a little bit more than what one would think.

Poor Fireman! Lately he has been very frustrated trying to keep up with mowing the yard, helping me around the house and fixing things. Yesterday he worked on the Jeep. I can't remember exactly what it was he replaced; but they were parts that he had to take the drive shaft off of and bange the parts out that needed replaced. He ended up getting it all torn apart, got the parts out for each side; got one side in, then ended up calling it a night at almost 10 PM because the parts store sold him the wrong part. He got up this morning; ran to get the other part and had the Jeep back together by noon.

Now while this is all hunky-dory, It seems to have put him behind on his tight schedule. A friend of his is giving us a 16 X 12 deck that needs to be cut down and brought over, then we will have to set it up in the back yard. We are very excited as our back yard has a really a lot of water and I would love to have a nice deck to put the beautiful picnic table that dad made for us on, along with the grill. Fireman's friend at work has a nice big gazebo type tent that we are looking at getting and anchoring down on the deck to have some shade too.

Anyways, it just seems like he is really frustrated and trying to get everything done that he would like to get done. I keep asking him to breath and calm down a bit. When he gets like this he gets very agitated and it usually means he is going to get the chest pains from the anxiety and then here we are going back to the hospital to be evaluated once again.

How do I know it's usually anxiety? He has went through all of this with our first born. He has so much he wants to do and really with working 14 hour days no time to do it. Katie has been hounding him left and right about setting up the pool and getting that going so things like this don't help. He wants to get the deck moved so his friend don't give it to someone else.

I think he is actually doing something like a nesting of his own. Trying to do sooo much and he knows I can't help, so he takes it on for himself. I feel bad for him. And I can't help other than to hopefully talk with him to take the anxiety away.

In a way I know exactly what he is going through. It's rough! I just hope we can get some things checked off of his to do list and then hopefully he will be able to take it easier.

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