Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smores in the making...

While out an about this weekend, we found something I thought the kids would enjoy.  It's a Smore's maker that you actually can plug in and make smore's at any time during the year.  We always try to get time to build a fire and do things like this over an open fire, but you know what they say about Ohio- If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes!  It will change!  With us having somewhat of a wierd weather cycle this year it makes it more difficult to prepare a fire and keep wood dry. 

We of course had to stop for all of the fixin's for Smore's on the way home and after dinner we fired the Marshmallow heater up.  Steven decided he just wanted graham crackers and chocolate; something so un-american!  I made it manndatory that everyone had to have showers beforehand which made this task so much more easier to get the kids manipulated into doing. 

I think the Smore's maker was a hit!  We are planning to do this at least once a week (providing we can keep the Hershey's bars in the house) We all had one and I found that once the Heater is started and heating for a short while that it makes the marshmallows so squooshie and melts the chocolate very nicely!  The cleanup was awesome.  I just unplugged the unit and let it cool off while I ate my Smore and when I came back put it back in the box.  The two sticks for roasting the soft fluffy white Marshmallows actually washed up nicely too!

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