Saturday, June 12, 2010

32 weeks 1 day

Hooray!! We hit 32 weeks. It's funny to be sitting here typing as the baby is Hiccuping. Kind of difficult to be sitting here trying to type, but she keeps on practicing her breathing with the hiccups! She has been doing this more.

I am very happy I have made it this far. I have been told that every day that she stays "in" that it takes 2-3 days out of the NICU. I am very happy with that as I really would love to bring her home with us.

With me being on Modified bed rest, I have been **trying** to take it easy, only doing smaller things and trying to depend on the bigger things being done by the kids and Fireman. The hardest part is I have always been able to do it, and it is very frustrating to sit around seeing all the little things that need done, and if I get the incling to do them they will be done; or I just may sit there and leave it be.

I had bedrest with Steven, but I was the only one home and really the only place that got destroyed would be my bedroom because I had no one home with me. This time it's different; I have 4 others in the house and 3 like to do things and just leave it lay where it ends up. This morning with my hourly jaunt to the bathroom, I found that "NOT ME" ended up brushing their teeth and had toothpaste all over the mirror, counters, and 5 toothbrushes scattered all over the counters amongst the hair ties and hair brushes. Within 2 minutes, with a bottle of window cleaner and paper towels stashed under the sink and a quick catch of an old rag from the bottom of the towel closet I had it all picked up, cleaned up, wiped up, and polished to see yourself in the sink. So why is it I am the only one that sees this in the house? No, the bathroom is not totally cleaned; but at least I know something in that room is clean and that eventually after Gracie's arrival things will start to get into shape around here again.

While Fireman works his long 14 hour days Monday through Friday I have been trying to do things with the kids to wear them out, get them out of the house and actually rest. One of the things we do is attend a free lunch program in a neighboring township. This gives me the opportunity to keep the kitchen cleaner; they get to eat a nutritious lunch, and after they eat they get other "friends" they get to meet and they get to run around in a large area. they can play baseball and other games depending on what equipment is available for the day. It allows the kids time to get the independance they so love. It provides social skills training; and it provides a time for mom to step in and correct improper social happenings.

Yesterday after visiting the lunch program we found an allotment sale. Figuring that we have been locked up for a while, I figured me and the kids could do a "drive through" the sales and pull up to each one so I did not have to walk so far. We had $20.00 on us and after finding some deals I came back home with almost $3.00 in my pocket!

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