Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spoilin' the kids?

For a couple of weeks now my kids have been doing "fairly" well on getting "most" of the chores done on their lists every day. We decided to splurge after seeing how much fun and "therapy" we have had with the Guitar Hero in the house, and decided that in order to show the kids that they do "earn" things for their good deeds, We decided to look for an entire band for the PS2.

Fireman and I tried to keep it a secret.. then the kids started proclaiming that they were doing all of these chores and not getting what they want for it. I kind of let the cat out of the bag that I ordered this off ebay and that I checked when it was supposed to arrive... TODAY!

With the girls room being a mess I got a lot of slack from the kids regarding cleaning it. With the baby on the way and going to be staying in their room; we have been working on getting them to actually clean up every day so that we can start really keeping it clean to keep the smaller things up and away from the baby in months to come. Yes, there was a lot of fighting, yelling and screaming between the kiddos, and I ended up reminding them that this item was due in today and that they would not be allowed to play it if BOTH rooms were not cleaned and swept. Yes! It worked. Poor dear boy wanted to play so badly that he went in and helped the girls clean their room because he soon found out that even if his were clean, it did not give him time to play- ALL three kids were in that room and within a half an hour had it cleaned and swept to my specifications (only for mom to get company and go dragging out all the baby stuff to show to mom's girlfriend.)

They had instructions in the box regarding how to put the equipment together, but very vague instructions on how to actually get it to work on the PS2. Yes it took almost 2 hours to get it working correctly (sorry, mom is PS2 impaired) and yes Mom took the first spin on the drum set.. But the kids were ecstatic with playing it. New songs and even some of their favorite songs were on there and they played until 10:30 tonight with Dad mostly, since he already had played drums before. He took time to get them acquainted with the drum set and let them each have a round on that too.

The house was very loud and noisy for a while, but I made sure all of the windows were closed and it was actually nice listening to all of the four of them enjoying themselves and laughing. I liked the music that was developing from the living room while I frantically got dinner done and on the table in the kitchen. I enjoyed cooking with a smile on my face just watching them happy.
 The kids were really into the game!

Steven was really getting into the singing part.  They thought that this was awesome!

 Dad was in on the gig too!  He was all excited to come home and be my replacement on the drums while I made din-din.  

The most special part of the night was that on their way to bed  with all the pretty smiles upon their faces each one stopped in my room and gave me a big hug and kiss and thanked me for getting this for them.  I love when I can do things like this and they appreciate the gesture.  I wanted to smile and cry at the same time!

On another note; after the kids got to bed I finally went off to bed, I was able to conquer Fireman's full attention so that I could get the parts to go on three ends of wires that needed to be repaired and replaced on our Air machine.  About 10 minutes later; Fireman plugged it in, and I was really close to going to fetch our kitchen fire extinguisher "just in case".  LOL!!  We plugged it in and turned it on before putting it back up on the top of the computer desk and it was refreshing to smell that fragrance of just walking through the summer thunderstorm.  So refreshing!  I am now purging my house and hope that it helps with the hacking I do at night.  

It is sometimes difficult for me to show how much I love my kids; but today was such a wonderful feeling.  I actually got to spend time with them without having larger issues holding over my head and was very heart-lifting.  I only hope to have more days like today.

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Tammy W said...

Absolutely awesome!!!!! Glad you all had a good day!