Saturday, June 26, 2010

34 week update

June 25, 2010 was the 34 week check point for us.  Gracie is still hanging on!  The weather has been kind of weird.  Nice warm days that all of the sudden we have downpours of rain; the sun out for part of the day, temps in the 80's.  Tornado conditions in the afternoons and evenings.

At the Doctor's appointment this week I have had all restrictions relinquished.  After the situation that put me in the hospital for the night of June 3, then the bed rest for almost 1 week following I lost 6 pounds.  I hear that is not uncommon, so at the next appointment I thought I had gained but I was at the same weight as the week before.  I am getting to the point that anytime I have an appointment I get nervous.  With that said, the last appointment for this past week I gained 2 pound.  I was never so happy to hear that!

Gracie sits REALLY low; so when it came to measuring her she is now not showing measurements of the stomach on the week range.  The Doc does not have really any worries about this; she just thinks I am all baby and that her head is so low it's throwing the measurement off.  I honestly have to say that I don't think I could have found a better OB.  She scheduled an ultrasound for in two weeks just to check her out and make sure that she is positioned right and to see her sizing.  I can't wait to see how things look going into my 36th week.

 I do have to say though that the last two days I feel like she is really packing the weight on.  For instance, baths are really fun when soaking.  When I turn to the left or right on my side all of the sudden I feel her shift weight in my stomach.  I have been having my restless leg acting up 100% more while pregnant, so usually I take a nice warm bath to calm my legs down.  Efficiently, she calms down when I do this also, so hey I don't really mind killing 2 birds with one stone. 

Tonight while eating dinner Gracie decided to start really pushing and tugging all over the place making it difficult to finish eating dinner.  I ended up having to take a break from dinner and go back after she decided that she was going to cooperate.  I figured that she would be big enough to take all the room up in my stomach so that she would start calming down, though I am finding that this is not the case.

The kids- as soon as I start making a gesture around my stomach start smiling and teasing Gracie about giving me a hard time.  Sometimes she presses so hard that I actually make a noise.  They laugh!  They are excited to be so close to having their sister here.  I think it's going to be an amazing event having a younger sister that they can mentor and play with.  They are really starting to ask questions, looking for things to buy for her to play with and making sure that I am okay.  I will be excited when they finally get to meet her and I give her to them to individually hold and coo all over.

Even though I have been through this 3 other times I am finding that every pregnancy has their likeness and total differences.  Almost everything that has happened through the other 3 are totally different than this one.  I am not sure if it's all due to my age or just the type of children I have / will be having. 

I guess it all remains to be seen!

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