Thursday, June 17, 2010

What do you do when your kids are better than your Husband?

I had a check up with the OB yesterday just to make sure things were still going okay. I ended up taking the kids with me with their DS Lite's and they sat in the waiting room playing their games while Fireman and I went back to the appointment. I was weighed, then BP was taken, then had to go to the restroom to leave my "specimen" at which time Hubs was laughing. As I was walking to the bathroom I noticed he was laughing at me and the Nurse said something to him about laughing and at that point I knew then that Fireman was feeling ornery and I had to keep an eye on him.

Right I was! I came back to my room and got ready for the Doc to come in for her visit. While sitting on the examining table; Hubs decided to be ornery, taking a purple glove and blowing it up like a balloon and playing with it. He let the air out, played a little more with me getting after him for it. They had a calendar on the corkboard slightly above his head where they have the current calendar posted; well it was not safe... as Fireman decided that he did not like the June calendar and changed it to July. With me showing my feelings, asking him to change it back, he waited a few minutes and then flipped it back. They had the box of gloves and the box of tissues in the room sitting right next to each other and if I had not caught him he would have removed the gloves and tissues and flipped them into the opposite boxes. After stopping that ordeal; I was pretty nervous when he started over to the other metal counter on the opposite side of the room where all of the testing supplys were kept. Before he touched anything I offered my oppinion that "he just needed to leave that table alone". I was saved when Doc knocked on the door and he had to go sit down.

All I can say is how can I have such great kids that sit out in that waiting room and not one nurse even knew they were there, and then my 46 year old Husband who was in the same room with me be so much trouble? I know he was nervous; I also know that he was doing his best to keep me entertained, but SHEEESH!!!!!

The good news is that the last and final Fetal Fibronectin test came back negative for any preterm labor or delivering before week 34/35. wooo hooo!!! That takes me up to July anyways! I was very happy they called with that news today.

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