Thursday, June 17, 2010

More changes coming to the site...

I have come to the conclusion that this blog is mainly about my children, and some of the most craziest things that happen in my life. The one that always get's blamed is "NOT ME" so therefore since we have already attempted to evict "NOT ME" from the household I have a new button in the progress of being made that I believe will suit the "NOT ME" situation really well.

At first I decided to open my blog with, with the name of Boo's Corner because I was once nicknamed BOO. However with the latest turn of events I think changing my blog to Not Me did it... well that's just a good idea as to what it's all about. Sure, there are good things that my kids do, and I am very proud of them, but sometimes a mom just needs to vent a little along with applauding them and this is so much cheaper than therapy. I can actually look for funny things that the kids do to make me laugh and it makes me think "out of the box" as to how to deal with it. I certainly hope that it will lead to you having some kind of pick me up through the day; a laugh, a smile, and thoughts that maybe, just maybe your life could be a little worse! LOL

Since everyone in my house ( and yes I am admitting guilt here too) eventually has a "not me, I did not do it" method of thought, I thought that changing the name to that would only be fitting.

I certainly hope that you will continue to read and laugh right along with me. For me, it is a way to look at life and hope to get "not so serious" about everything that happens; a comedy if you will. Please continue to read and comment and have fun! You only get one life to live so I may as well look at these happenings and learn how to grow from them.


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