Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365 day 9

We had to pick up a prescription today from Walgreens. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag to check the medication to make sure everything was okay, and to see the pink bottle cap above! I
immediately thought about the blog. I have a friend that I have made online that is now a 3 year survivor and I thought about her along with all of the other breast cancer victims and I was very happy to have this cap on my prescription. I am actually thinking about saving this cap and using it on any other bottles it fits on so that every time I use that bottle I will think about Tammy and others and how breast cancer has changed their lives. If you would like to know more about Tammy and how she survives with probably the most devastating event in her life, please check her site out at Pink Stinx.

We currently had something going on with Face book that we sent emails to our gal friends on the site and everyone put in the color of their "boulder holder's" to support breast cancer awareness. From what I understand there was a story about it on the news on a television news show. If I can find out more information about it I will share it here.

My heart goes out to Tammy and all of the other survivors. They live knowing that everyday they live, they work, they see their children grow and it is a blessing and may not have happened without the support of all of those who are searching for the cure.

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