Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years, 2010

Yes, I have neglected my site, and yes I just found plans to keep it interesting once again. But before I get into what the interesting thing will be on the website, I'll bring you up to date with my surprise.

Fireman and I just found out in December we are expecting #4. I guess there is just no other way to say it. The new "Mann" is scheduled to arrive August 9, 2010 (yup, 8/9/10) go figure. I doubt I will go all the way to the due date, and since I am due in August and there are only boys from sis and I that are born in August, I am kind of leaning that this will be a boy. It would be breaking the rule of the boy birthdays in August. August is a really busy birthday month for us. Probably 3/4 of the family on my side were born in August. It should prove interesting this year. Due 2 weeks before fair. I am debating about the kids putting breeding rabbit projects in the fair this year because of this. I am thinking it's going to be awfully difficult transporting 3 kids and a newborn back and forth to the fair grounds early enough to actually have the cages cleaned by the required 9 AM that the barn sets.

Now, onto the the interesting possibilities for my website...

One of my schoolmates on face book mentioned about a project they are starting today... It's called Project 365. For more information and also to accredit where I got the information here are websites for you to read up on about this project.

Basically, it's a picture a day and it needs to be something of interest to me. Then I will post it here for basically a whole year of photos of interest that will help me understand things I find interesting, to find something out about myself, or to give me a better outlook on life. I think it will be interesting to me, and hopefully to you also.

I may just add some blogs in about the baby also, so you may find some things in between that may not exactly fit into the project 356, but at least with the new addition maybe I will have some interesting photos. This should be fun and if you decide to participate is project 356 leave me a message so I can check yours out too!

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