Friday, January 8, 2010

Sick and tired of putting that tag in?

Last night while I was attempting to put photos on the blog, I was running into problems. I could not understand how in the world it would not let me click to open up the box to put the photos in the post. Here, come to find out- it was already opened but I could not see it because it was under about 3 other windows I currently had open. At first I was frantic- Did I already take up all of the space I have for my blog? After calming down and actually pulling my tag off several posts, I found the box to add, closed it, went back into my post, clicked the button and wow! Hey! It worked. Duh....

Anyways, my friend Am, was talking to me over Yahoo instant messenger while I was attempting to get things done. She led me to Photobucket. Photobucket is actually a free site where you can store your photos and instead of downloading them onto the site itself, you can actually open the little picture box and it gives you the option of taking your photo off the web and adding it into your blog, saving (I am hoping!!) room on your blog to actually blog more. I am relatively new to blogging - only been playing with it for a little over a year- and I am still learning about it!

Anyways, I was curious as to how to set up my blog to automatically add my tag into the blog so that it is one less photo I have to find and actually put into the blog. There is a way to do it! It's actually under settings, then the boxes underneath is there for formatting. I clicked on formatting, went down to almost the end of the page, and it has a place you can actually add in how you want the post set up. I went to my photobucket page, hovered with my mouse over the tag photo, and it gives you a box underneath the picture. I clicked on the B emblem (for blogger) and it opened another box with options. I then clicked on "GET LINK CODE", showing 7 different codes. I went and copied the code under "Direct Link for Page Layouts" and then went back to the formatting page box I needed to put it in, and pasted it there.

So from now on, my tag line should be in every post I have that will be published! The only way it may not happen is if I move the tag, which I have no intentions of doing.

I certainly hope that this helps other new bloggers and I hope I have explained good enough for others to understand! If I understood HTML better I am sure I can use this formatting method better, but for now it's doing what I need it to do and that's all that matters, Right?

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