Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 day 15

Steven, Katelyn, Bandit

It's raining cat's and dog's. Well not realistically but it was raining and the dogs were stinky and smelly. They were invited to come in and get a bath. Fireman had to pick up the 100 pound Bandit - a Black Lab - and put him in the bathtub. He is very hyper after the bath and I am surprised that he sat for this photo. This was the best out of the bunch... I think he is camera shy. We have him crated when he is not able to participate in the family ordeal or if he is outside then he has the back yard that is fenced in. We are considering moving his crate into the living room so that we may be able to get him to start listening to more than just Fireman. He loves his crate and when he feels the need he goes back to the door and begs to go in there for the quiet. We are starting to let Jackie back into the main part of the house, hoping that she will be once again the watch dog over the house, but so far all she wants to do is lay near me. I am her Alpha Dog... she can't sit still if I am moving about the house. She has to know EVERYTHING I am doing and she has to be involved. She was huddled up under my computer chair but in the hour and half she has been left up here since the bath she has made it to where if I swing my legs she is right there! She is a really good dog, just very overprotective of me!

Jackie curled up under my chair

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