Tuesday, January 5, 2010

project 365 day 5

My wonderful investment- The front loader washer and dryer!

This is a Fridgadaire model set. I actually checked with someone who I know to be trustworthy on these and they said this is a really good set. It's actually part of the makers that actually designed these many many years ago, and while they are a different name basically they fall under the original patent. I was checking out others in the process and I am very happy I went with this set. I find that I can keep up with wash much more efficiently than I was before. They are easy to keep clean and they use 1/2 the water than a top loader. I find that they get stains out of clothes that a top loader would never be able to attempt to get out and that I use less detergent. It fluffs the laundry really well and spins it out so much better and then the dryer does not have to work harder to dry them. Over all I would recommend to anyone, especially with a baby or children to purchase a set for their homes. Just the savings in the water, the savings of the electric and both at the same time pay for these! I have seen a $75.00 a month drop in my electric bill since I bought them. Check them out!! Oh and they are even really good entertainment for the cats- They can sit for hours and watch them during laundry sessions!

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