Sunday, May 16, 2010

What does our new daughter's name mean?

The girl's name Gracie \g-ra-cie\ is a variant of Grace (Latin), and the meaning of Gracie is "favor; blessing".

The girl's name Lynne \l(yn)-ne\ is a variant of Linda (Spanish) and Lynn (English), and the meaning of Lynne is "pretty".

When we chose this name we chose it after seeing Gracie via ultrasound and how she acted during the session. We actually had chose a boys name thinking it was a boy - considering all of the cravings I was having were those like when I was carrying my son. I actually found these definitions for the names under a baby site; and the night before I found them I was skeptical of the names; seeing as how these names will follow my daughter for the rest of her life! My husband was the one who brought the name of Gracie up first; then jokingly stated it would be awesome to use the infamous line "Goodnight Gracie" when putting her to bed. We thought long and hard regarding the middle name; other considerations were Anne (Jeff's mothers name was Mary Ann), Mae (my sister's middle name) and I can't remember the other. We originally chose Lynne because of how it sounds with Gracie and also after choosing it found that it was one of my friends middle name. After reading the definition found for Lynne though I thought it was perfect as my Mother's name is Linda and Lynne is listed as the variant of Linda.

I certainly hope that while passing the variant of my mom's name on to Gracie that it will have some sort of positive effect for her as while it's not Linda, it's still fitting for our little girl and my Mom has many good qualities I would love for my daughter to share with her.

So now we have the meaning behind Gracie Lynne - "A pretty blessing"

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