Saturday, May 29, 2010

week end updates

I know I caught everyone off guard when I posted "R.I.P. Jeffrey" but that's exactly how caught off guard I was when I received the sympathy card! I got on the phone and called the hospital. The question for me was- "Okay, who do you actually call regarding a situation that just happened?" I called and explained my situation and told them I just wanted to check and see what was in the medical record for this incident and they passed me through to medical records. The nice lady who I spoke with was probably flabergasted as I told my tale; She put the phone down after telling me the information because "She has never had to deal with a situation like this" and had to speak with her supervisor on how to handle it. When she came back on the phone, she apologized for the delay and explained just that. She also stated that she was referring this situation to their PR department and asked if she had the correct number for a return call and that someone will be in touch.

About an hour later, I received the phone call from the head of the PR department. She stated that she would like to know exactly what I received and I read her the envelope and the card. She apologized in great detail and explained that she will be finding out how this happened and that she would call me back. I explained to her that I was 30 weeks pregnant, my husband was the only bread winner in the family, what if this actually goes through the proper channels and asked what happens if the paperwork was done to complete their end of the paperwork and would it effect his driver's license, insurance, workers comp, bank accounts, Etc. She then saw my concerns more seriously and promptly returned my call about 2 hours afterwards with the news that it was just a human error and that the card was sent to the wrong family and that the person who sent the card felt horrible for doing it. I told her that I was ecstatic that it was only an error and not actually in the computer or the paperwork, also let her know to tell the lady who sent the card that I completely understand, and I understand that it could have been "just a bad day" for her and that everything was okay. Fireman was so happy to hear that He was not "deceased" and actually shown in the paperwork as being alive. So was I!

I have another update for the Easy Child Program. I think that the kids did not think I was very serious when I told them that they had to earn so many points to go spend the night with someone, or even that they needed the same points for someone to sleep over at the house. They found out how serious I was when I told them that they were not doing the sleepovers that they were invited to for that reason. We went over the points system, adjusted it accordingly and we are restarting it again to see how it goes again. I think they thought they could play the "but mom if you let me go it will give you a break" card to get me to let them go. Let's see how serious they take my words this week.

This week we really put some efforts into getting some things cleaned up in the house and garage. I started sorting the boy's room, and worked on the girls room. The girls room is very close to being acceptable now except to start going through all of the clothes in the closet and thinning out for summer clothes, while I still need to go in and sort through the boys room more and tackle getting his winter clothes put away for a couple of months. We tore into the garage with a vengeance, really making headway to getting it organized. We moved some storage items out to the barn for more organization while giving us more room in the garage for an actual car. We still have a ton of toys to sort through and organize, but got a good start on getting that done too. We also had thrown together some items for a yard sale, though I think maybe we had prices too high. If we do the yard sale tomorrow I will definitely be marking down the prices just to make sure it all goes somewhere else! I really wish I would have taken photos before and after today. It really opened up the garage for more space for the van.

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