Thursday, May 20, 2010

A new program for the kids...

I dug up some of my old software while decluttering the cd's for the computer.  I'll admit I downloaded it into the computer, but never took the time to understand it or use it.  I got it out on Saturday, started going through  the instruction manual and thought, "This can be do-able!".  I re-downloaded onto my computer (since it was many moons ago and has not been used since!  Plus all the times I have had to re-do the computers) and started on my journey.  I played with it some yesterday, thought about how I can make some adjustments to the program and voila!  I think I have the answer! 

The program - Easy Child Encouragement program!  you can find out more on their website at .  I ended up sitting down tonight, writing down expected behaviors (things they SHOULD be doing and CAPABLE of doing, like chores), Extra behaviors (chores that will be flipped around and no one child should be expected to do them every day), and other behaviors (things they SHOULD NOT be doing at all).  The kids can earn points for expected behaviors and extra behaviors, but they lose LOTS of points for each bad or "other" behavior listed.  I went through and deleted out the behaviors already in place for the kids and put mine in.  I have not set up a points system yet, as I need to really think about that part and I need to sit down with each child and come up with what the points will earn, and it can change each week.  I especially liked the fact that once I had the behaviors entered for one child, I could apply them to each list in creation mode, making it easier to get going. 

While talking to my friend Marian about what I was doing and going with the program, she started to go to the website and check it out also and I think she was actually joking when she asked "can I make one for my Husband too?" and it just dawned on me that YES!!! you can make one for yourself and your husband too!  So I created charts for both of us, and tomorrow after Fireman gets home we will sit down with the kids and go over what we need to do and change to make things easier here in the house. 

Also, like mentioned before, we will have rotating chores that not one child will be responsible for each day, sooooo- The solution??? We are going to create a "white board" that I can hang on the back of the kitchen door that we can actually rotate each chore each day of the week.  I have three different "sets" of chores that we will list, then can alternate the days/people in charge of that task for that day.  I thought about "what if someone does not want to do that chore for that day?" and my answer to that is once we have the names down for the chores, I will take a picture of the chart and I will make sure that if there is a question regarding whose day it is I can refer back to the picture.  ( My kids are sneaky and would probably erase their name and put another in it's place!)

As soon as we get all the details worked out and on paper I will share more about the program and how it is working. Meanwhile, please check out the website and see what you think of the program... I would love to hear your comments!

If you are worried that it may not work for you.. there is a 60 day money back guarantee.. plus if you order now they have a sale going!  I by no means get any kickbacks from this company by endorsing this product- I just want others to know about the program so it may help other families also

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