Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slowly coming along!

I feel like my house is at the complete and utter choas right now as we are decluttering and moving things around the house making room in time for Gracie's appearance into this world. What I "normally" could do I see being put off until Fireman can help, or if I can manipulate the kids into doing for me. It's a difficult task, and yes I feel like I am not in control of things that normally I do when no one is around! My flower beds are completely a mess and it's not like they can't be done by others, but I am the one in the house that knows what I planted and where; what is technically a wanted plant and what is a weed! This is just a small concern though.

Last weekend we found these really cool "pantry" type furniture that we decided to move the girls into and we are putting the large dresser into the garage and store it until we get all the items together for a yard sale. Between moving that out and actually cleaning out 95% of the girls toys, the room is starting to come together.

Here is Katie's "Dresser", along with Gracie's temporary "dresser" (at least until her clothes are bigger). Gracie's "dresser" actually houses things she will use as a newborn up until 6 months. 

I organized under the crib; all the older sized clothes are boxed according to size, the baby swing I got in a yard sale for $8.00 (yes, $8.00!!), the bigger Boppy pillow from a yard sale for 3.00, and the packed diaper bag are all stored under the bed.

Here are photos from the wall hangings I got to go over the crib.
I am hoping that Fireman can put them up this week, if not this weekend for me. We still do not have the mattress here, but after the kids get out of school I will be picking it up.  I can't wait to get the mattress in the crib to put the bedding in it.  It will look adorable!

I love the DREAM aspect, as I think it even fits for the older girls and I hope that they dream about what they want to do with their futures as well.

 To help the girls to organize their room, I purchased an over-the-door shoe organizer.  I still need to find shoes out in the mess in the garage (the toys pulled from the room!) and have them sort through what they can still wear and to get rid of what they can't wear.  It is a much better system than what they had before as it was a box under the bed and they could never keep their shoes together.  It was such a disaster going anywhere because they were always hunting down shoes.

The Crib and storage under the crib... Need I say more?

The next big project (It's been scheduled into my calendar!) is to totally clear out the outrageous mess in the closet and get it all straightened out.   I am planning on having this reduced down to 7 pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts.  I have the top of the closet to deal with too, and if I can at least get the clothes out of the closet and into the living room before the girls get home Friday afternoon this will be Friday evening's  project!

Even though it does not seem like I have done a lot of work, it has been.  Poor Fireman, I have utilized him much more than I thought I would, seeing as how I am under a weight lift restriction from the Doc.  He seems to enjoy it, and he is even giving good thought as to what needs done to get the projects done more efficiently.  He is definitely getting excited, and he is also counting down all of the days until our new baby is here.  I don't think I have ever seen a man so excited to welcome his children into the world and he works so hard to raise his family and to do what he feels he needs to do to keep the family going.  I am so thankful that I have him as my Hubby!
I have spent way too much time writing this, now it's time to start boogieing on my projects that need to be completed today.  Slow and steady, I will get things accomplished, and with the help from my family it will be wonderful!

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