Saturday, May 1, 2010

Amazing things...

Amazing things I am finding.. somethings I hope will change, others I hope they don't!

So far, I have found that Gracie loves to wake up when I fall asleep, or even lay down to try to. I have found that she has times for awake and times to sleep. I also found that she likes to be rocked, as I sat there in the rocking chair rocking back and forth and actually feeling her move back and forth in my stomach. I also find that if I stop before she wants me to that she wakes up and kicks me. She likes laying low in my stomach and when she stretches she loves to push on both hips as she does. Sometimes I think she is stronger than the other three were, but could that be because there were so many years since I have been pregnant that I may have forgot how the others were?

We are rather prepped for a new baby in the house (more prepared than I thought we would be at this point!!) At 26 weeks I am grateful for all of the help gathering things we need to get for the baby's upcoming arrival. With all of the great finds I have found with clothing I think we are close enough to being prepared for the "big day". I think really the only thing I need to find (big wise) is a swing, as to me a swing is really important, seeing as how she loves for me to rock in the rocking chair already!

The excitement is building the closer we get to her birth. Yesterday when I was teaching the kids how to hang up clothing on the line, Steven commented about how he is excited about his sister's arrival and how he cant wait to see her in the clothes we were washing and hanging to dry.

My favorite part of the day is to get a chance to sit back and watch my stomach moving all over the place.

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Momof3 said...

yeah, I loved being pregant. I feel kinda sad knowing I never will be pregant again, to feel the new life growig inside me, feeling it move, etc. And then I remember I would have to potty train it and the feeling goes away. lol ) Sending good wishes your way.