Thursday, May 27, 2010

R.I.P. Jeffrey D. Mann

Only me....

Only my family.

Only in 2010.

Jeffrey Mann was a wonderful husband and father for his family.
Born July 1963 in Akron, Ohio, he was the brother of one sister and three other brothers.
He lived life to the fullest, played many sports from childhood until after three of his children were born.
He holds 8 300 rings and 1 800 ring for bowling. 
Jeff was also a member for 7 years of the local community fire department and was a firefighter EMT.
He will be dearly missed and remembered lovingly by his wife, Tina Mann and his 4 children, Steven, Katelyn, Brianna, and Gracie Mann. 

There will be no calling hours; and a date for interment will be scheduled after he actually passes.

No Honestly.

I am amazed.

I am not sure how to respond to this. 

Okay, I think I have some explaining to do.

On Monday, I received a phone call from frantic fireman.  He smelled antifreeze of the big truck he was driving, so when he got back to the yard, he turned the truck off.  Since I wasn't there, I don't know all the details.  All I know is that at approximately 9:38 AM Monday May 24, 2010 I received this phone call from the frantic Fireman stating he was on his way to the hospital because the cap off the radiator of the truck he was driving exploded when he was checking if the cap was on right or tight. 

Anyways, 4 hours later he was released from the hospital and we had to go back to the other doctor the next morning in order to get him cleared for work.  After being cleared for work and he actually returned to work on Wednesday, Today I received some really weird post that came in the mail. 

Upon looking at this said piece of mail; I notice that it was from the same hospital that treated Fireman on Monday.  It was addressed "The Family of Jeffrey D. Mann" with the address on the front. I opened the mail, and found a sympathy card.  The only thing I can think of is that someone at the hospital thinks my Fireman is deceased?

I have attempted to call and get a hold of the person who sent this out and signed the card; however she went off duty at 2:30 and I was told to get a hold of her tomorrow.

Fireman came home, I showed him the card, I put my ear to his chest to make sure he still has a heart beat.  He is still breathing and currently he is out on the tractor mowing the front yard.  I keep asking myself if this is just a dream or if he is actually a ghost that still goes to work, still does duties around the house, or IS IT JUST A DREAM????

My next question is how has this occurred?  Does this mean there is a death certificate? I need to find out! 

Only me and my family - only in 2010 right?  This will soon calm down and life will get back to normal right?
Here I am- 30 weeks pregnant (as of tomorrow) and now something else so upsetting.  I guess the funny part is he is now weed whacking the front yard.

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