Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drudging along..

I really want to just ignore it. SERIOUSLY! Ignorance is bliss! I have been walking around the house doing pretty much everything I can do... except for that ONE job that I really need to get done tonight so I can move on to my next project tomorrow... FILING!

I have it all behind me, all sitting in a nice pile of who knows how many trees that gave their lives to actually put this paper here in my house.

How dare they?

So.. I am looking around... Honestly! I have dishes to clean up, just waiting for the kids to finish so that I can get that done.

Is that just another procrastination?

"I'll get to it after dinner"

"I'll work on that tomorrow."

Enough already. I will feel better about tackling the mess of the office.. that god forsaken pile of this very thin wood. TONIGHT.


Well, is it enough to just say it? I know I will feel better once it's done and conquered. I just need to do it!

Yes, I keep telling myself this thinking it will sink in. Does it? Or does it keep driving me to find another mess to tackle?

Seriously... Dishes, then papers... At least I will have the two hour season finale of Grey's to work on my mound of documents. I have already filled 3/4 of a 30 gallon trash bag! My shredder is calling my name...

SHHHHH. Can you hear it?


I am so embarrassed! And don't ask where the photo is! I am NOT sharing!

Imogene, "Boo's Inner Brat"

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