Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week One starting the Easy Child Program....

Today officially starts the program I set out to set up.  The charts have been created; as well as a chart to rotate certain jobs in the house that there seems to be a knock down drag out yelling screaming fight over.  The kids and I went over the charts, explained how they would work, and started using them immediately.  Bad start, 1 child ended up with only 3 points, while one ended up with -6 points and the other -18 points.  I certainly hope that it does not discourage them, but rather see what they are doing and to change what it is they are doing to be dinged on the points.  Instead of just checking things off, we walk through the chart every so often to see what accomplishments have been achieved; and when they do some behavior we are trying to change we bring them to the chart, ask them what they did and have "them" tell us what category it would fall under and why, if we agree, they check off that item.  I think it is actually an eye opener for the youngest; as she actually was able to tell me what she needed to do to change things and what she did wrong.

It also seems to be helping because I am not as agitated with what has been happening in the household; and there are less fights.  It seems they are getting along better between siblings.

This is only the first day so we will see what happens when the "honeymoon" phase is over.  I am sure we will find something I need to tweek with the program, but I hope it's going to give them the opportunity to learn more about themselves as well as how much easier it is to get along with the whole family.

I will try to get an update posted next Saturday!  :O)

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