Friday, July 29, 2011

Heavy Heartstrings

Today I have very heavy heartstrings. Tears are pouring down my face because I know what I should do, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Steven's rabbit had a surprise litter. By surprise I mean, she had one on the wire (out of the nest box) a couple days ago, and because it was not kept warm like it should have been did not make it. Yesterday the girls went out to check on the rabbits, and found she had two more yesterday morning but somehow fell through the floor cage wire, landing under the cages.

We made sure everything was well with them. One of the two crawled away from the fur and warmth of the nest, passing through the night. While checking on the only surviving littermate... I found that some fur was stuck to his head. I brought him in and gently washed off the fur, only to find that he has a spot above his nose that the skin is separated.

In my knowledge with Rabbits I know what needs to be done. It needs culled. But I cannot do it.

The reason?

**Deep Breath**

Who am I to say if it lives or dies? That would be like me saying that Steven should not be here on this earth. I have no right in saying if it lives or dies. It's future lives within God's hands. I cannot make that decision.

To hold a life... whether it be a child or a rabbit... they are all god's making. Life is so delicate. To hold a living breathing baby in your hands and to decide what to do with it is not my call.

God. Please look over your children. No matter in what shape or form. Only you can say what happens. I give you my heart with heavy heart strings. Please. Do your will. I will follow your lead.

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