Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some days your the diamond; some days they just throw stones!

There are just some days that no matter what happens, it feels like you are just being stoned in the process. Not talking stones as in "drug induced", but rather no matter what you do and you try your best to get things done, someone just throws another stone at you.

Gracie has been sick. She was running 104.4 on Saturday. It began Friday night. Well anyways, here it is Tuesday, and she woke up with the fever broke! Wonderful!

Now we are dealing with the whining and crying of a 1 year old because she is starting to feel better. She is hungry, she is still tired from fighting the virus, and she is getting into everything and so hates the word no.

My house is not to the point we should be shown on Hoarders, though to me I just cant get up and get it all clean with 4 kids around. We are involved in so many different non profit organizations that we love doing/helping in- 4H, Hotstove (not really involved, but hey we are at least making an attempt to help), Fireman with the Fire Department, myself with the local Historical Society.

Let's face it... too many sticks in the fire. But we absolutely love helping out and would not have it any other way.


We hope that we somewhat rub off on the kids with community service... but I am afraid I have missed a big portion of the teaching on this.. doesn't helping others begin at home?

My house is in a complete disaster with the baby being sick. All she wanted was for me to hold her. After all, when you are sick don't you just not feel well enough to do for yourself, and like she could do for herself anyways. 4 nights of sleeping on the couch with her in the pack and play is enough for me. Waking every few hours to check on her is enough to put anyone into a cry for sleep. But, the stone being thrown is from my house. It's begging for attention. No one wants to give it.

Where's my timer?

Shoot my timer don't even wanna help!

Where are the kids? Oh yeah... I should have taught them how to help out around the house more huh?

Hubby? Why should hubby come home and walk into a disaster after working so many hours a day, not to mention running out for Squad calls and fires to be put out? On top of helping with the kids to run to various Doctor appointments.

Guess who is throwing the stones now?


Sometimes the one thing I thrive for is to be June Cleaver and to maintain the house and kids so that the father can go to work, come home and have a nice peaceful sense in the household.

I guess I need to empty my pockets of the stones and stop throwing them and start cleaning. Nothing is going to stop the stones but me.

Here goes to emptying out those pockets......

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