Monday, July 25, 2011

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Actually I think this should be when the kids grow up? I am looking at my oldest being a Freshman next year. I would love to start thinking about what I need to do in order to start into the work force before then so that I can prepare for what steps I need to take.

Let's see what I would have on a resume at this point. Taxi driver, fast food chef, laundress, housekeeper, nurse, appointment keeper, pharmacist, computer technician, softball/baseball mom, teacher, wife, mother, warden, peace keeper, consequence dealer, multi-tasker, thrifty grocery shopper (have to be for a family of 6!), boo kisser, spirit mender... well I guess now I am reaching?

It's not like I can just jump into the work field as I am now. My kids are my world, and even if I do complain a lot and feel like I am over welmed, well, yes I am! Just who in their right mind would hire someone that thinks of their kids first, with their jobs second? I also have to play into my husband who drives a truck and doesn't really have a set schedule like a lot of people, not to mention on a moments notice he is running out the door to save a life. I have a full time job here.

Any time one of the kids get sick, my more than balance of children gets a work out. Gracie has been ill since Friday with a high fever. Days like these I am so thankful that I don't have a boss that I can report off to. Yes, I am behind on household chores, but when a baby is not feeling well and only wants to lay in your protective arms, that's what you do. That is your job for that moment. Babies are only babies for a short while and they need you when they need you.

So I have a few years to think about what I am actually going to do when the kids get older (and don't need me as much)- and I will have to start thinking about what I want to do until then.

This is my job, and even though I may have a disaster of a home, I feel it is where I need to be at this moment. I love my job!

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The Slacker Mom said...

Since leaving my job after 15 years I kind of wonder what I'll be when I grow up too. I always wanted to be a reporter for a newspaper. I actually mentored at the paper in Minneapolis when I was a senior in high school but then I dropped my journalism major to get a history degree....sooooo, I blog!