Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workless Wednesday?

Let's hope not!

I am hoping to get some things taken care of today.
My office area
Living room
and both bathrooms

But in order to do that I really need to focus.  I have a lot of things keeping my focus scattered.

Let's talk about my "control journal"
It used to work.
It did.
I was able to keep up on the things I needed.  I created it from Fly lady's theme.
I really need to get it out and work from it daily.
I would LOVE to have a program for my Kindle Touch to create a check off list.
I just need to get going on everything that needs done around here so that I can read and crochet.

Crochet projects are wonderful for my goal of putting in at least 15 minutes of relaxation.  Reading at night before bed helps me sleep and put my restless legs up to relax.

So will work being completed and the kids doing their chores.
Workless Wednesday?
Nope.  Not. Me.

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