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Book review - Creatura, Author Nely Cab

I remember entering a giveaway through some blog that led me to finding out about Creatura. One of the things that I had to do was friend the author on Facebook. I found the trailer to be interesting and the cover of the book was an insight into the story somehow. So interesting that the picture of what seemed to me was two trees entangled and weaved together peaked my interest so I went on to read the trailer of the book. Later, Nely shared a trailer of the book on You tube.

With the new trailer for the book above, I found the colors beautiful and what drew me to it so much was the voice of Isis, one of the main characters.

Not owning a kindle of my own was the draw in for the contest on the blog hop, and I was happy to find the authors after actually just hopping for the Kindle. So started my journey with this book.

With Christmas upon us, I really never had time to sit down and actually get wrapped up in things other than Christmas, but from time to time I got to drool over the thought of owning a Kindle and I decided that if given that chance that Creatura would be my first book purchase because everything that the Author, Nely Cab, shared along with others reading this book I knew I just had to get into their digital book and boy was I ever happy to be able to do so.

The book Creatura starts out with entries into terrible dreams that keep the 17 year old Isis Martin from sleeping due to her dreams or more importantly the creature of her dreams. She decides one day that she will confront the person in her dreams, and this is where her fears of dreaming becomes her fears during the waken moments of her days.

I found some of the explanations within this romantic fantasy novel were very interesting and I am very happy the Author went into great detail.  The story line has many surprises within the plot and by the time I was half way into the book I was at a point that even if I put the book down, I would do nothing but constantly think about when the next time I could pick it back up again.

The point that really intensified for me was when Isis met with David's family and the actual meeting of his mother and how fast she seemed to fit right in with David's family.  Isis also seems like a down to earth character and when she finds that there are reasons why the infatuation with David has to end as just that - infatuation - she fends off David even though after really getting to know him really does find that she has more than infatuation.  It seemed to me that David had a something that drew Isis to him, something special between the two of them that she could not control, even though she made good attempts of keeping their relationship as a friendship.

After the Ex comes back into her life and vows that he was wrong in leaving her only leaves her thinking about David more and bringing David, his family and Isis together closer so that Isis gives into her unending feelings for him.

Secrets that Isis did not know even existed in her life are revealed, and she found truth in those secrets that brought new twists into the story line.  Things within her life begin to change and with the truth out these secrets lead her to see her life in a different light.

The Author brings this book to an end with a cliffhanger going into the next book she is currently writing.

Even though I finished this book over a week ago, the book and it's story remain with me and I often times want to go back to it's realm of mystery.  This is a wonderful plot that really takes you into the mind of what the Author is trying to relay to her readers.

The one and only thing I found with the kindle is that I really wish the book opened with a photo of the cover.  I only found that some extra editing would have been nice to catch only a few what I believe typos that I had found within the book itself.

Finally, if you are into romance and fantasy, I really think you will enjoy this novel written by Nely Cab.  I give it a 4 out of 5 because it was a plot that was unique, easy to view in my mind as I read and I think I was so enthralled with it that it was difficult not to jump ahead to the next paragraph just to find out what happens next.  The cliffhanger really opened my eyes and I seriously cannot wait for the second book to come available!

I would like to invite Nely to write a guest blog for me to post here as to how she came up with the plot because it is definitely amazing and truly different than some that I have read.  I would also love to know how she came up with the artwork for the front of her book.  It would be wonderful if you, the readers would be able to leave comments here on my blog that I could share with her that she may want to answer for you as well!  Oh and we cannot leave out that we would really love to hear a little more about the next book!  :O)

About the Author as taken off the back of her book "Creatura":

Nely Cab lives in south Texas with her husband and son.  Aside from writing, Nely enjoys drawing and painting.  The tree illustration on the front cover of this book is a sample of Nely's artwork.

For more information about Creatura or Nely Cab please visit

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