Monday, August 22, 2011

Truly, I am not ignoring you!

August is so full of interesting and fun things for us. My nephews as well as my son all share their Birthdays in August. My son Steven just turned 14. I honestly think he sometimes hates his birthday in August because his birthday usually gets mixed in with all of the happenings associated with our local fair. It's usually ending up right at the crazy lets get everything together part of fair at the beginning, or during fair, when all of the commotion is going on.

The commotion? Simply put... 4H. All three of our children will be showing rabbits at fair this year. Brianna is actually old enough to show a live rabbit instead of one that she has made in the past. Yes, she has graduated from a Cloverbud to a real live "Member". It is exciting. The two girls will also be showing their cats as well.

With fair coming up, we do a lot of meetings and getting the animals ready... not to mention the kids have to feed, water, and care for their animals all year long. They have books with information and we go into July knowing that they have to participate in "skillathon" - in which they all compete at their levels by answering 100 questions regarding rabbits. Questions can include the body parts, skeleton, rabbit breed, the body type, along with questions about diseases and feed.

With us taking last year off from fair due to Gracie's birth, I am curious as to how the kids did. They studied hard with other 4H'ers from our group and I certainly hope that all of them did well. They will announce who had the highest scores in each division right before the 4H Jr. Fair rabbit show that will happen the first day of fair.

Katelyn owns a chocolate otter Holland Lop who kindled 3, with 2 surviving. Her litter has a solid black which is as adorable as can be, and another chocolate otter. She loves those little buggers! Brianna owns a broken black otter Holland Lop which had a litter, but was not born in a kindle box but on the floor of the cage and did not survive, therefore she will be showing only her doe. Steven's rabbit is a black otter Holland Lop who also kindled a litter, but again was born in the corner of the cage and did not survive, though momma really tried to pull fur and keep them warm. He will also be showing his doe. Steven's sometimes has the temperament of her Momma, and can be quite nippy so we are praying it does not bite the judges!

With so much to do at fair, I am hoping to keep everyone updated as to how the kids do. There are other events all week long, but I will keep those for another post. I of course will be taking the camera to try to catch the kids in action while they are showing!

Best of luck to all of the 4H'ers who have worked hard to bring the best animal they can achieve to fair!!

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