Monday, August 15, 2011

Smelly Front load washer?

One of my friends used to sell front loading washing machines. When I told them mine was starting to have a smell inside the unit, I was told to run a hot cycle of water and add CALGON bubble bath to the load INSIDE the tub. It worked for me! Try it!

My front loader actually only uses 21 gallons of water at a time. I always make sure to have full loads to run because if not I cannot adjust the size of the load to run less water. Since I have switched over to the front loaders, I have seen approximately $75.00 difference in my electric bill for my all electric house.

Make sure you leave the lid open in between loads and wipe out the rubber gasket around the opening. I have also heard that it helps to not use the same detergent over and over as it will build up.

Also, if you have a water softener, you won't need to use the recommended amount for each load. Cut it in half and you will actually find that the clothes are much cleaner. I have seen that there is a test for how much detergent you actually need in your loads, I will see if I can find it and add it onto my blog.

I have started making my own laundry soap and I love it. My husband loves it too. he said he loves coming home and walking through the laundry room and smelling the homemade detergent! That will be another day...

I have also read of some things you can do to help with fabric softener. I haven't tried the tips yet, so after some trials I will let you know what I think.

These tips will help you reduce your laundry bill if you try them. Hope it helps!

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