Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Blah kind of day

The whole house slept until 11:00. That's right. ALL of the kids and me. Poor Hubby... he had to get up and go to work at 7:00. I think that the weather has a lot to play into sleeping in. Thank goodness we are on school break!

Even Gracie slept, because I got up to turn on her baby monitor, and she was still sleeping. I heard her wake up at 11 when I heard her babbling and talking in her crib while playing with her violet dog.

Now that I am up, trying to wake up, looking at the house and trying to come up with a game plan for getting it cleaned. It's still going to be the same game plan for cleaning... Just hoping that Gracie will follow me around like she normally does!

It's all nice and gloomy day out, rain beating down on the roof top basically all night. I love sleeping in the rain.

Five kids in the house, wii is on and it's gotten pretty loud here.

It's time to start cleaning..... Maybe I can ignore how loud it is?

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Momof3 said...

I totally understand. My children went back to school (all but one) and its so weird and quiet. Then they come home and it gets so loud. I understand about the house too. I need to find some motivation.