Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad Bunnies!

This morning was a crazy Monday morning. I think I am gonna qualify this one for a "NOT ME MONDAY".

First off, it started with a 2 hour search for Fireman's keys. But we are not going there... I instead will start off with what happened AFTER the mad and crazy house tearing apart key search.

I was awakened around 9:30 to the sounds of my Bug running out into the living room telling me that the babies from her litter escaped.

No! I did not think it was a dream. Nope not at all. I really did not just lay around and think "Oh what a funny dream!".

Then it was like all of the sudden I woke up thinking to myself all along watching the clock "How in the hell am I gonna tackle THIS situation?" Thinking okay, I have Gracie's teacher coming at 10, it's 9:30 now, I just don't have the time to get over there and take care of getting this buggers back to their cage - a cage in which after the advisers in charge of the barn caught these rambunctious rabbits and put them BACK in the cage, only for them to wiggle through the wire cage and back out again.

Wonderful. Before finding out that they were caught and taken care of; I remember thinking about the fact Not only did two of our litters survive, but now we have raised jail birds that we have probably lost for good and will have no litters for show.

Texts to and from our Club adviser. They caught the grass rats. HA HA!!!! Now they have been moved to a cage they cannot escape from!! Life is good.... At least for the moment!

Oh what children do to their Mothers, as well as the Advisers! These little stinkers had their Momma so stressed out! Thank goodness they moved the Momma in with the babies and hooked them up with food and water too.

Thank goodness for the assistance of the advisers!
We are hoping this is the last of all of the problems....

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